What is Life??

Hey ppl..Life is more than what most of us think.We start our chilhood dreaming to bcum this or that. When we reach our 12th,others say what we dreamt so far is not viable.What we do is change our dream and live according to the world.I really love the way i spent ma childhood…i used to play all day and all night,…i wonder y i grew for i hav to handle al these pressures….childs’s life is really pure and gold…but as a child i used to think abt de life of elders..”.how happy they are??…they dont hav ne homewrok to b completed…how de coll students neva touch their books??” But having got into ma 3rd yr of engg….i got to kno what life s…the other end seems to b a trreasure hunt for us…and the other end feels the same abt our end….Am i bloggin here??…im not sure…im typing it just to fill in the space which was empty..nehow i ll make this space interesting for u..

How many of u seriously had a 1st crush and were seriously into it when u found it can no longer hold..It really hurts na… it hurts. Then how many of u feel that u cud hav opted a better course…i dont hav ne regrets….i really love this proffession though i got into it wen i had no other go….But i love readin human minds…i really love that…to make out what one thinks by the expression he gives…i hav made number of right guesses tat hav made ma frnds appreciate that talent of mine…..

ufffffff,i forgot this…hav u eva come up with an incident which seemed to hav happened in de past…i hav come accross many such….on couple of occations…i hav stopped ppl and asked if that was what they were abt to say…and i wud say i hav seen this happen somewhrere else b4….this has been buggin me for a long time and i found one of ma frnds feelin de same a few days ago….given a chance i wud like to do a research in tat…..but it al depends on how soon i ll achieve my ambitions and goals ……

i think i made this session quite interestin…ll be updating soon…keep rokin yaar…..This is my 1st post


2 thoughts on “What is Life??

  1. Aravindan says:

    we have grown up and envy the younger ones, and the purpose of it is to make some young ones envy us… in short to get married and get children… and marrying is not compulsory to get a child [:d]

  2. VIJAY IT B says:

    Macha Your experiences can be described as Déjà vu.”already seen”; also called paramnesia, is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously….. blah blah blah

    For Further info : wikipedia…

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