A Day in Police station

I was on my way to T.Nagar bus depot. I boarded a passenger train from Tamabaram to T.Nagar. I was about to step upon the bridge when i saw 3 girls (2 of them were good looking) crossing the line to the other side. I wanted to have a look at them for few more minutes. so i decided to cross the line to the other side. when the 3 girls walking in front of me walked past the policeman standing there, the policeman called me and asked me for my ticket. As a proud ticket holder i showed him my ticket. Now i understood why i was caught. i was caught for tress passing. but why weren’t those girls questioned. i wasn’t able to ask such questions… :((

I was put in a room (no… that wasn’t jail. around 30 were booked with the same case and it was a single room. all were standing there).One guy in the room, i guess, is a regular visitor. He’s been passing comments all through my stay there. One of his comments is here for u.
(Policeman said they are asked to be vigilant over tress passers from 9 a.m only, as 7-9 ‘ll be crowded, they probably can’t go and disturb ppl )
“T.Nagar la onbadhu manikku thaan ezharai arambikkuthu pola da”.
i dint know if i should laugh or cry for this comment of his. Ppl used to call me mokkae in coll. I was speechless this moment.

Meanwhile I called up everyone i could and pleaded for help.
Let’s see how individuals responded

My friend immediately called up his uncle who is working as a TTR in guindy to help me out. He did.

My father’s initial words were “Anubavi da…appo thaan thirunthuvae” (experience this. only then you’ll realize). Later he called up someone and the person whom my dad called helped me.

Finally i was called by police inspector. he asked me few questions and let me free…..

Naaaangalum rowdy daan… Naaangalum Jail ku poitu vadurukomla 🙂
(in Vadivelu style)


4 thoughts on “A Day in Police station

  1. Priyadharsini says:

    you looked at the two nice looking girls(as you said) and might be u wod not have looked at the third one. That made her curse and u ended up in trouble.
    Pen(woman) paavam polladhadhu thambi… iniyavadu paathu nadandhuko….

  2. cresloga says:


    College la eulo girls pathu iruken..appo ellam nice looking girls curse pannaliyae… got my point??

  3. Priyadharsini says:

    I meant the third one whom u dint look at.
    she wod hv cursed u man.
    Hope u got my point now….

  4. cresloga says:

    hey i got ur point… but u dint get mine…i said i had been seeing many such 3rd kind in coll..but none of the other two kinds cursed me then… 😛

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