Don’t Bank on us!!

An article titled “Don’t bank on us” was published in NXG, a weekly magazine which comes along with The Hindu, dated july 24,2008. This article impressed me and that is the reason why this topic is in my blog. The moment i read through this article i questioned myself if i did send this article to NXG. I know i often feel this hallucination effect. So my doubt was so strong that i checked the name of the author at the right bottom of the article. Someone from singapore had written the article.

Let me come to the topic. The article was about how the staff at bank are so inconsiderate that they work according to their convenience. Now, How is that article related to this topic in my blog. Well, i had a similar experience at the bank in my neighborhood. I hold a SB account in Tambaram branch of Indian Bank. Don’t ask me how i opened (read the article for all that u have to undergo to create an account). Now our topic of concern is regarding how i’m fighting to get my pin number for my atm card.

scene 1: Loga with his friend (E.K) goes to the bank to create an account for his friend and apply for an ATM card for himself. E.K was asked to collect the passbook the next day. Loga Thinks he’ll be getting his ATM card the next day

scene 2:Loga and E.K meet at the bank. E.K gets his passbook. Loga asks for his ATM card. The bank manager informs him tat he’ll be getting his ATM card only after 3 weeks and tells more info to which Loga never listened. (Loga gets yet another bulb at Indian Bank).

scene 3:3 weeks later, Loga goes to the bank and checks if the card has been allotted. Goes back home with disappointment.

scene 4: A week later, Loga goes to bank and gets his ATM card. he signs a paper and bank manager finds the signature to be different. bank manager asks Loga to come after 5 P.M to collect his pin number. Loga is very happy with the ATM card (such a card crazy guy he is).

scene 5:Loga fights with his dad for the bike at 4:45. rushes to the bank with a hope, rather with a wish of attempting a trial with the ATM card. (Loga believes in wish rather than hope). Loga reaches the bank. But the bank manager, not satisfied with the transactions asks him to come at 8:45-9:30 next morning. Very dejected, Loga goes to rolex and has a choco milkshake. (here i’m puzzled. how do the banks give ATM cards to fresh applicants then, without any transactions?????!@#$#$$???)

scene 6:Loga goes to bank at 8:55 the next day morning. He finds the bank manager in a conversation over the phone. Being a B.Tech/I.T graduate, he waits for him to complete his conversation( even a LKG kid would wait). At 9:30 manager asks Loga what he was waiting for. Loga, very eagerly says he was waiting for the pin number. (now we would better see how the conversation goes)

Loga : sir, i’m waiting for the pin number.

Bank Manager : thambi, now its office time. come at 5 in the evening.

Loga: sir, i was asked to come between 8:45 to 9:30. now the time is only 9:30
(Loga’s dad interrupts and says his son is placed in so and so comp and he will be making regular transactions with the bank)

Bank Manager : Thambi, so and so company la work panna poreenga (bro, you are going to work in a so and so company). why do u lie then?

Loga (very frustrated): hello, sir!!! unga kitta poi sollanum nu enakku onnum avasiyam illa. (i don’t get anything out of the lie).

Bank manager decides to settle the issue there. he processes Loga’s ATM card. But unfortunately Loga again gives out a different signature. now its bank manager’s turn to bark…bow bow… Loga drops the plan of getting pin number for the time being. Gives a change of signature letter and card at bank and leaves. Few months later.
Loga goes to bank to withdraw cash. with the hope (now loga could only hope) that bank staff would have updated the system with his new signature. But again the signature problem arises and settles. Signature was not updated.

1 month later Loga goes to the bank to check if they’ve updated the system with his new signature. Finds the system showing the same old signature. (don’t know which stupid coded those software with a dull user interface. i hate that UI) Bank manager asks Loga to come and collect the pin number that evening.

scene INFINITE_POSITIVE:Loga again fights with his dad for bike and goes to bank. Now the bank manager acts as if nothing happened that morning. Loga’s tensed. Bank Manager asks him to wait. Loga waits for an hour. Thinks if he could post something in the complaint box. but he is alone at the bank without someone else to borrow a pen. (Loga never carries a pen with him. All the 4 yrs of Engineering passed with either Hema or Leena lending him a pen).

Loga goes back home with the hope shattered.
Don’t bank on us !! šŸ˜¦


2 thoughts on “Don’t Bank on us!!

  1. sakthian says:

    congratulations,loga..u have a great way of story telling,though un vazhkaila nadantha kalavarangala sollirunthalum,ur description was good..

  2. cresloga says:

    @Thanks da… adu eulo periya soaga kathai….
    dint get d pin number yet… šŸ˜¦

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