1st year Galatta

Before i deal with the actual galatta, i should tell u the mindset i was with when i was at the beginning of my colg life. I missed my medicine seat by 2 marks and i had no other go but to take up engineering/IT. I’ve never started a computer before my colg life and i know only the spelling of computer when i started my colg life. With the new environment, i found everyone so different and unadjustable. Life was dull for a month and it was usual coming to colg and leaving. This incident was the break for what turned out to be one of the best phase of my life- my colg life

Incident 1

I was seated with a guy who comes from tambaram-my place. This day, class on C was going on. we were given a program to work out. This guy who was seated with me is an intelligent fellow. The staff had a soft corner for this guy as he was one among the few in class who knew programming then. ppl around us were encouraging him to question too much. On this day, ppl around us placed a bet. If this guy can stand up, call the staff, ask her what she’s studied. This brave fellow, who knew the staff has got a soft corner for him, stood up, called her and asked

 Neenga inna padcheekeenga

The staff was stunned by the way he asked her this question. We all knew she was taken by surprise at the manner he asked her this question. But she never showed any sign of being annoyed. She politely answered she did so and so at so and so colg. This guy had won the bet and he was feeling very proud like he could do anything.


The next day we had lab in C programming and we were all in the lab staring at the computer. The staff who handled theory class happened to be one of the lab incharges as well. She was talking with the other staff members abt this incident and she called up our hero. he was so happy to get up and walk upto her table, with thoughts of improving the bond. What turned out was a tragedy for him and comedy for all of us guys.. :). After handling so many words he spelt out all the names who placed the bet. Luckily he din’t name me..hehe..The 1st to be called was our pappu preetham. The next person who was called was our nettai pradeep. And atlast Guru was also called. All were having tough time at the staff table. Pradeep was questioned his skl name

Pradeep : Prince matriculation higher secondary skl (with so much of pride)

Staff:  ennamo DAV la padicha maadhiri sollurae

Pradeep :??!!?? (Looking at Guru)

namma Guru summa viduvaara?? avar DAV la padichavar aachae

Guru: ma’m naaan DAV ma’m.(with enna mattum vittudunga look)

Staff: DAV na uttuduvoma (evana irundhalum vettuvaen evana irunthalum vettuvaen shtyle).

Guru: with a bulb.. Uvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv(vadivael style) evlo daan serious a look vittalum comedian nu correct a kandu pidichiduraanga pa


Incident 2

Before we get into this galatta, i should tell u about this guy around whom this incident moves. He is my friend Keran. He is a bit short tempered. If u annoy him beyond a limit, he gets out of control and throws whatever he gets in hand. he’s thrown benches,slippers on various occasions. The incident im gonna write now happened in 1st sem. That day, It was programming class.The staff who handled this subject had never been in good understanding with our class. Rather she had always had complaints and worries abt our class.Incidentally this is the same staff to whom the hero asked

Neenga inna padcheekeenga (see Incident 1)

 One of my friends was disturbing keran from behind, sitting in the bench behind him.He was annoying him so much that it past his controllable treshold. He threw the pen with which he was taking notes and it hit the staff. She din’t know who had a throw at her. She was happy that she got one more incident to pass time with our class. This time she was even more serious. She was questioning us for more than an hour. And u all know about student’s unity. none of us opened up. She even threatened to take the matter to HOD,DEAN and even Pricipal. we were unmoved. Finally she asked us all to get up. We were seated unmoved letting this also to pass through one ear and get out through the other. Keran alone stood up, looking back and front expecting others to stand…. 

Thirudan Matikkittaan..

The way he stood up, slowly turning back and looking front expecting atleast 2-3 to stand up slowly, with none of us getting up, slowly making up his mind to accept and confess.. and the way he argued with us saying he actually stood up to confess.

I laugh even today when i think of this incident

Idula irundu enna theriyuthu na

Thapu seinjavan dhaan thittunaa gavanippaan..Thappu seiala na kandukka vae mataaan.


5 thoughts on “1st year Galatta

  1. Aasif jaffer says:

    Seriously!! cant forget the incident involving bharathi!! sema comedy!! tat too the next day lab!! wer evryone wer screwed up!! aana intha incident ku lan reason ae nee thaan enaku inikku thaan da theriyum!! maganae!!

  2. cresloga says:

    @ aasif
    Machi enna thappu pannalum maatikkama pannanum..idu daan naan 12 yrs a skl la kathu kitaen

  3. Mithy says:

    incident 1 hero barathi uh?? staff kumudha uh??

  4. cresloga says:

    @ mithy
    yup. U r right. but no award for guessing.. 😛

  5. guru says:

    machi! satyama it was so funny i laugh at it now also,
    well it is a highlight da in coll life..

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