A Born Comedian

This happened in 5th Sem of my colg life in DSP and Communication lab. I was in a different team and  the team i’m writing about is different. All three in this team are my friends. Like my team, this team also doesn’t complete the tasks. This team was struggling in the lab with a task and the lab assistant was with them to help them out.(can’t say assistant. he is more knowledged than the proffessors in that dept). He was helping this team out. As the day was hot and incidentally the fan at that place was not working, the guy who was helping this team was sweating and was in need of some air. so he asked one of the guys in the team to open the window.

Out of curiosity, one of my friends in the team asked him

“Anna. light patta answer vandhuduma anna??”

The guy who was helping them was like “grrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. he walked away from that place and he never turned back to them that day. these 3 realized the comedy only after he walked away… 

“Enna koduma sir ithu!!! :)”

Ithula irunthu enna theriuthu na, naanga serious a irukka try panna kooda comedy a thaan aaiduthu… enna panrathu??


5 thoughts on “A Born Comedian

  1. fahima says:

    Seriously da…unbeatable comedy it was..Which genius asked tat to sir da???i was literally laughing fo such a long time…

  2. cresloga says:

    @ fahima
    Who else?? our gr88 Keran..

  3. Mithy says:

    Omg.. 😛 tats so funny. 😛 who were the other two??

  4. cresloga says:

    @ mithra..Jk and Ek. wherever things like this happen u can be sure that me,ek,jk,keran,kamal are part of it

  5. ek says:

    I can’t stop laughing, thinking of tht moment… we never compl a experiment in that lab…and he never came to that lab…so my team mate thought it would produce an output… 😛

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