The best ever DSP lab

I had been thinking what to post in my blog for sometime now. I thought why not the things that happened in the past. This happened in 5th sem of my Colg life. Btw for ppl who don’t know me, I did my B.Tech IT in Crescent Engg college. In all 4 yrs of colg life, I’ve never did this ECE lab works perfectly. We were 3 in our team. me and 2 other girls. This was the team i was with in 2nd sem as well and we din’t do anything all that sem. Again we were teamed up in 5th sem for DSP and Communication lab. We knew we won’t do anything in the lab but chat. We’ve never got output for the work we actually acted like doing. We just goto that lab, chat for 2-3 hrs and leave. This had been our routine all that sem. One day the staff who was attending us called our batch and asked us how many we’ve completed and all 3 of us were blinking. I still am searching for the reason why the staff left those two and picked me to burst out all his anger that day… he was going on and on and this was the line i heard him shouting at me

” apdiyae onnu vittaen nu vaii… un thala thaniya poii……”

and this girl in my team started laughing…she was laughing laughing and kept laughing for atleast 2 mins continuously…. i was looking at the staff puzzled thinking what went wrong with her. This staff shifted all his anger towards her and he was yelling at her. she never seemed like she even heard what he was yelling at her.. she was laughing continously… after all the mix up we were back to our place to act like working on the instruments and breadboard. This girl was standing beside me and she started off with her usual gossip with the other one. 

I was acting like working, listening to their gossips, with the thought “eulo nakkal da intha ponnuku… enna thittina ivalku avlo sirippu varuthu… rombha naal enna thittanum nu nenaichitu iruntha polaa….”


Now she is one of the best friends i’ve got.. we still think of that day and laugh…


I don’t know how u ppl take this.. but these are few incidents which when we look back, bring smile on our face.


One thought on “The best ever DSP lab

  1. leena says:

    andha dialogue kaetalae i rofl..!i cant forget his expressions!lolz!

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