Guru Embarrassed

This happened a few months back. On our way back home from office, myself and Guru were walking slowly. One kid who was coming riding his cycle, slowed as he approached us. he went past us in the opposite direction, Came back, stopped infront of us and smiled at Guru. Guru with a feel like ppl like him so much, was very eager to hear what the kid had to say. This kid with so much enthu asked him 

Anna neenga prem veetu driver thaanae. inga enna panreenga?

U should have seen Guru’s instant face reaction. He was literally chasing away the cycle shouting 

dei enna paartha driver maadiriyaa da theriyuthu… entha driver da laptop oada nadanthu poraaan..

Now what was guru’s problem? 

dei driver a iruntha car aavathu oatitu poi irupaenae da?


Dei laptop bag paarthu kooda enna driver nu solraana, avanukku en maela edo oru gaandu irundrukku… 


2 thoughts on “Guru Embarrassed

  1. fahima says:

    Superb damage,,,Guru can never get better reviews,..

  2. cresloga says:

    Will definitely post if i get a better damage of our belover GURU

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