Sakkarakatti Review

I watched this movie “sakkarakatti” a few days back. This is one of the worst movies i had watched in theatre. The movie started of showing disgusting scenes like scratching tooth brush in toilet( they call it comedy).

Then followed the usual blah blah blah scenes with friends. Then comes the love interest of our hero. Whenever his parents go out, he calls his lover.

“Hey veetla thaneeya irukaen. Variya??”

We never knew what he was calling her for. If they had shown us few more details i would have got few appreciating points for the movie. But disappointed here too. The movie was full of fight scenes. if you are a kid reading this review, this is not the fight that u would imagine with vijaykanth and arjun. This is between the so called lovers in the movie (hero and heroine).

To talk about the songs, the songs in the movie are one of the best i have ever heard, but one of the weirdest i have ever watched. Songs were wasted with poor choreo notwithstanding the weirdest graphics addition. Taxi Taxi is the only song that a person can sit and watch this movie for in the theatre. But INR 60 rs for a 5 minute song is a bit too costly. And the ppl have rightly placed this song at almost the climax of the movie. So that ppl don’t run out at interval, wait and watch atleast this song for the amount they spend for the ticket

I have no words to describe this movie’s climax. But i would suggest you better not watch this movie.

If there is one person who has retained his recognition, Its A.R Rahman.

Sakkarakatti – Mannaangatti


5 thoughts on “Sakkarakatti Review

  1. Rick Boyer says:

    Nice site. Theres some good information on here. Ill be checking back regularly.

  2. fahima says:

    Loga i double agree wit u ..So far i had thought pudupettai was the worst one of all…But this movie is unbeatable….Worst of its kind

  3. cresloga says:

    @ Rick Boyer. Thank u. U are always welcome to my page 🙂

  4. cresloga says:

    @ Fahima… I watched this movie in theatre. :((

  5. Mithy says:

    =)) poor u.. even de taxi taxi song choreo isnt so good.. de song is awesome.. but the choreo didnt do justice to it.. i didnt watch de movie though 😛

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