Emotional One



We had a meet with close friends last sunday at 4:30 P.M IST (2.11.2008) at Gandhi beach, Chennai-mylaporre. We have had several meets at this place in last one yr. But this meet is closer to my heart as i happened to see my emotional self and my besth friend too felt the same way.I should tell u the importance of this meet. Two of our friends are leaving chennai to join an IT firm this week. The meet went as usual with us sitting, talking everything on earth and everything undersky. We tried our hands on the gun, shooting balloons. We tried this only once when we met at beach, Just to relive those moments. We even spent few minutes with the waves (we did this last, when we met at beach for the 1st time).The only two things we missed that day were the tennis ball and kili josiyam. Then we had bajji, paani poori, corn, ice cream etc etc. It was 8:30 P.M IST when we  decided to leave the place, Though none of us felt like leaving (emotional scene ppl). We used to take Train (MRTS) from mylapore to our respective places. Usually 7-8 of us get back in train enjoying all the way back to our respective places, taking pictures, playing pranks, pulling one another’s legs.  So we did the same that day. But pictures were missing, Pranks were missing because we were only 2 to take MRTS that day (Myself and one of my besth friends). We felt very lonely sitting near the window, feeling the cool breeze passing by our chin thereby playing music (should say symphony) in our ears. 

I wish i get back my college days. Life was at its best then. I will miss those days 🙂


5 thoughts on “Emotional One

  1. JK says:

    hmmm….See all coz of me 😉

  2. leena says:

    very nice post da..!:)

  3. Aravindan says:

    onakkulliyum oru vikraman irukaratha ippo thaan da paakaran (kidding [:D]

    anyway, college days are the best. I sure do miss them…

  4. Saravanan says:

    mama…nenjai nakkita da…..gr8 one…

  5. deedalash says:

    coll days neva come back..dats wt i felt after readin dis..the pic is apt too…

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