Emotional Two

Hello Ppl. Bear with me. Its just one more week of my stay at chennai. I’m leaving to hyderabad to join TCS next week. So I’ve been posting many emotional posts now.Its just one week since one of my best friends left to join Infy at mysore and now I’m getting ready, packing things to join TCS at hyderabad. This is one thing i felt when i was packing things. When i was preparing for my first semester exams, I always yearned for the end of last exam. When i prepared for the 2nd semester, i felt the same. This happened for next five semester examinations. When i prepared for the last semester examination i never felt the same. I felt why am i writing this last exam. So many happened in between.I had happened to come across so many individuals. Few came in for reasons i do not know. Few left for reasons i do not know. I got few ppl who are a priority in my life. I got to become a priority in few ppl’s life. I’ve also got to become just an option in few lives when i tot i was actually a priority in their lives. Few made an impact in my life. Few left their imprints in my heart. I’ve also got ppl who still stay with me. But life has to move on. I may miss few who do not feel like missing me and few may miss me whom i may not feel like missing. But that is life for you. I wish future holds something good for me and ppl around me. Now I’m packing my things, all set to join a corporate firm. Now i feel like if i can rewind, go back to first year, enjoy my college life once more and i would not ask for more.

Let Things Happen


One thought on “Emotional Two

  1. Aasif says:

    Life puzzles!!! but the right solution is only with the individual!!

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