Ppl still like me!!

One of my friends called me yesterday. We studied together in skl after which he joined Kongu engineering college at Erode and I joined Crescent Engineering college in Chennai. We talked for more than an hour when i found myself talking to none. Only then I realized the call was cut. In few minutes i had another call from a landline number. It was the same friend when i picked up the call (Don’t ask me why I din’t call back. My mobile balance had always been less than 3 for last 3 months). We talked for 30 more minutes when we asked each other “Then??”.He uses airtel number and i use Vodafone number.

He told me

“Dei Airtel number vaangu daa. Intha 4 years la ippo daan da en balance -ve la poi irukku”
(hey please get an airtel number. for the first time in four years I’m seeing my mobile balance dip below 0).

Whatever be it, it feels really great to know friends still remember us, no matter how far away we are from each other. These are the little things in life that keeps one going.


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