Two Weeks Away from Chennai now

Its been two weeks now in hyderabad. I’ve been having good time here. This new environment, new ppl, new language never excited me. I’m learning hindi and telugu from our apartment supervisor. Last sunday we watched a movie (eagle’s eye) at iMax. iMax is such a super theatre with huge screen and super dts effect. But the movie was so boring tat i slept in between, suddenly thought of the amount i paid for the movie ticket (rs 200) and watched the movie. Training has been going well. Everything is upto us here. We learn everything by ourselves. We are using a good share of our brain here. I never felt any stress so far. Hope it goes the same way. I had my evaluation yesterday. I did extremely well. I could have done well in one aspect. I’m expecting a very good result. There are few more places i wish to visit in hyderabad like lumbini park, citi center etc.. I know this is a nothing post. But I’m posting after a very long time. So excuse me for the very dull post.


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