Back to Blogging ways after a long time

It has been so long since my last post. So many things have happened in between. My blog would miss all those happy moments and sad moments. By the way I’ve got a new avenger. I’m taking my bike to office which is 35 kms away from my home. I return home from office at night between 10 P.M and 11 P.M. Its always only me riding on the road.I was feeling lonely for the first few days. Going forward, I started liking it. Ppl say it feels like god on avenger. But i feel my world on my avenger. I let my thoughts wander all along the way. I let the philosopher in me sketch his scripts all the way. I know very well that i was not concentrating on the road. But it has only been me on the road all the while. Last 2 days have been different and difficult. It was raining heavily and the philo in me had failed in his fight for concentration to the cruiser in me. Thanks avy for dropping me safe at home for the last few months.You have done so much for me and i could do only a little in return. I couldn’t see you take all the pain while i ride safe with a helmet and jerkin on. I can’t see you rusted. Now that i’ve decided to take bus to office and i would miss my avy. Now the philo in me will have all the time to write scripts on his life. I din’t throw you away avy. Its for your well being that i’ve decided to stay away. Its not that i care a damn, I care so much that i want you to stay the same as ever 🙂


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