Sachin 200 not out and South Africa Knocked Out

Dream Of a Nation

Ever since that night when Saurav Ganguly,running back to hold onto a brilliant catch to dismiss Saeed Anwar for 194,I’ve spent every single day of my childhood dreaming of Sachin scoring past that score and going on to score the first 200 in ODIs. My dream has finally come true. Nobody has managed to score past that score all these years. Forget about the zimbabwean who managed to score level the score set by Saeed Anwar against Bangladesh. No wonder, if someone can score the first 200 in ODIs who else than the genius of the game. This wonderful innings would have been complete complete with Geoff Boycott and Navjot Singh Sidhu in the commentry box and the match aired by ESPN STAR Sports. NEO Cricket has been setting a bad example. I dont know how much these guys earn by playing an ad inbetween the 5th and final delivery of an over. I noticed couple of times when they were eager to play ad that they played it at the end of 5th delivery. Hello!! there are 6 deliveries in an over. when it happens in a match like this, its very frustrating. We never knew how Langevelt was bleeding, the moment he injured himself while fielding, NEO cricket played an ad.Poor showcase of a Sport. NEO can not be an ambassador of any sport. Never mind, I was treated with the knock one should be fortunate to have witnessed.I was upset with Ravindra Jadeja in India’s chase against Australia when Sachin made 175. I was upset with him not because he threw his wicket away thereby failing to secure India a WIN, but becaue he ran Sachin out when he was on 175. I was at work listening to the commentry then. Today I’m very happy to have watched the master score 200 LIVE. Sachin has always been my hero. What a man he is? Name a record and he is there. I’ve never seen him bad mouth at his critics. He is the man who walks the talk with his game. A real legend. I feel very fortunate to have been living in an era of this legend. With another feat in the legend’s carreer, Its upto us to take a leaf out of his book and work like him in our area. HATS OFF to Little Master.


One thought on “Sachin 200 not out and South Africa Knocked Out

  1. EK says:

    I’m really proud to be a fan of Little Master..nd i dont wish anyone to break that record other than Sachin…

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