I have a LIFE

I’m one of those million Software engineers living in India without the knowledge of life’s potential value. I’ve been working in night shift for sometime now. I take my bike to workplace which is about 25 Kms away from my home. This is just another day, I took my bike out from home, waving back to my Mom who was waving at me with a concerned look- the same expression she has been giving right from the day I started working late night. I dint even cross the street when i saw a kid walking back from school, smiling at me,face full of joy and innocence. I smiled back at the kid and continued driving, reliving a few seconds of school life when I used to think work should be happier without any homework to do. What time I have had then, cycling, cricket, WWF, ICE creams and what not. 10 kilometers passed when i had to wait at the railway gate. I saw pieces of glass scattered there. Someone must have met with an accident this day. With few hurdles, I managed to cross the railway gate and few more kilometers passed where i stopped by to fill petrol. I was just wandering and enjoying the peaceful location where i had stopped by to fill petrol. I started from petrol bunk and few more kilometers passed when i saw a college bus parked in a corner – students running around the bus – smashing cake on one another’s face – must have been celebrating their bus day. Again, I tried reliving those special moments for few seconds though i never travelled to college by college bus- undoubtedly the BEST Phase of my life – My College life. I continued my drive when i saw few beautiful girls on scooters, few college busses,  few Staff Busses plying in opposite direction. They are the people who are fortunate to see the world at 5:30 PM on way back home, knowing that they will spend the remaining of the day at home. As i was driving i noticed the shadow of me, taking over me, on the shadow of my bike. I could sense sun packing for the day. Its probably EOD for him. Wondering if all girls in NIFT are beautiful, as I rode past NIFT, I reached my workplace, parked my bike at parking space and walked in – seeing the sun set. Sun has completed his duty for the day and he is going back home when i’m just setting in for work. Its just another day in the life of duty conscious, committed sun. Its just another day in my life. Its just one of those days when BMWs, Audis dint get my attention.  I was wondering if i have become lifeless working with these lifeless monitors and keyboards. Definitely NOT!!. I have a LIFE.

7 thoughts on “I have a LIFE

  1. Karthik says:

    I cud feel it da, nice expressions !! But “To be or not to be” is a choice that absolutely left to us 😉

  2. cresloga says:

    hmm yeah.. CHOICE is with us

  3. leena yohasini says:

    heY loOs!! niCe onE da..guEss Its PerFectly exPressEd! 🙂

  4. anjum says:

    hey i like that “EOD for him” that s the best part 😀

    all of us wait for EOD 😉

  5. EK says:

    really good da… i feel tht it fits me too..
    atleast we can request the onsite co-ordinator to push the EOD works! 😛

  6. Ad-it-i says:

    hey that was something I could connect with… very well written!!! 🙂

  7. cresloga says:

    Thanks Ad-it-i

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