Paiya – a review.

I watched paiya, a tamil movie today. As usual we were late by 10 minutes. By the time I entered the hall, Shiva (Karthi) was searching for a girl (Tamannah). The movie begins at Banglore. He goes for an interview , sees this girl when he was about to enter the interview hall, goes out searching for her missing the interview. He waits outside the railway station to pick his friend where he sees this girl. Mistaking Shiva for taxi driver, one guy asks him to drop at chennai. Shiva accepts to travel to Chennai as he sees this girl with him. With in few minutes, Shiva and the girl leave the girl’s gaurd stranded and start their journey to Mumbai. Shiva is all happy to spend time with the girl of his dream. This part of the movie was so romantic. All his actions impress the girl, though they were just out of happiness of getting to spend time with his beloved and not deliberate attempts to impress her. The way he helps a family repair a problem in their car, His gesture when he gets ice creams for a few children on the road, The way he enjoys getting the girl food and looking at her having it, getting her clothes, The way he gets irritated when a guy (who they decide to help reach office) tries all his best to impress her were all romantic. Shiva gets to know the name of the girl(Charu) only after the guy who they decided to help reach office asked her name. They reach mumbai tackling the two gangsters who were chasing them (one chasing the hero and the other chasing the girl), exchanging their problems with stories related to their problems and one flashback from Shiva on their way to Mumbai. Shiva feels lost dropping her at her place. He gets her back on the way back as she was not accepted by her family for a certain reason except for her grandma. He gets to face both the gangsters now. How he tackles the gangsters and wins his love is the climax. All songs in the movie are good. Tamannah is shown as a pretty doll in ‘Thuli thuli’ song. Infact she is pretty through out the movie. She could have been well dressed in ‘Adada Mazha da ada Mazha da’ song. The set in which ‘Suthudhey Suthudhey Boomi’ is shot is awesome in serenity. Over all if you look at the story of this movie, Its stupid. But this is what every guy’s dream is. I would definitely not call it a blockbuster or a box office hit, but this movie is a complete package, a 3 hour entertainer. To be short, Paiya -a sweet dream.

P.S : My next post would be most probably on a Paulo Coelho’s Philosophy. So Mixing my blog up with lighter ones inbetween. Will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Paiya – a review.

  1. leena says:

    nice! perfectly reviewed!

  2. JK says:

    Good one duDe! but a critic on review wud be
    “It ain’t romantic ;P “

  3. Rajasekar says:

    Machi.. I nearly had a back pain watching them travel in a car for such a long time.. Songs were the only consolling factor in the movie. Otherwise i must say Karthi has selected a bad movie at a very important point in his career.

  4. cresloga says:

    @Lee Thanks,
    @JK – Romance and its meaning differ among individuals da..
    @Raja – I know what expectations you would have set one the movie da…

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