Save the Indian CRICKET LOVERS.

Yes I had hinted a post on “Loganathan is now Cresloga” in my previous post. But then, this comes straight out of a furious Indian cricket lover after watching the T20 WC super eight stage match between India and WI. This was a must win game for both the teams. The whole cricketing world knew that India was knocked (bounced) out of the T20 WC 2009. All the top teams made a mockery of Indian batting line up by bowling short in 2009.  This year,2010, India started better. We managed to beat South Africa. Everything looked good, though the world still knew that Indians will be tested with short pitched deliveries.  But what followed was a total deja vu. India was beaten again, again and again, in the same fashion by Australia, followed by WI now. What the hell? There was a whole year between 2009 WC and 2o10 WC. We should have prepared. Are we too busy posing for commercials? This was expected and we fell again. I knew India would lose the game against Australia, even before the 1st ball was bowled. I saw the team and knew India would lose. How many times have we seen India go in with a team packed with batsmen, hoping that even if the bowlers fail, their batsmen would save them. I have never seen India win any of those games. You have a team packed with batsmen and what the hell are you doing bowling first after winning the toss. If you play all batsmen, bat first, have a go and put the maximum runs on the board. It doesn’t make sense at all, bowling first having won the toss with a team with just 2 frontline bowlers(Zaheer and Harbhajan). I would never call Nehra a good bowler. okay, To err is human. Mistake committed. But mistakes are meant to teach us lessons. I was so furious to see the same team for the must win game against WI. Okay to go with same team, but I was expecting him to bat first on winning the toss. He again opted to field and I knew India is knocked out.  See what Chris Gayle had got to say in the pre-match press conference.

We’ll definitely try short balls. But we should also be careful about the fact that the ground is small and they have got some good hitters.

They did try short balls and at the end its deja vu. Who are the fools here? Indian selectors or the Indian cricketers or the Indian cricket lovers. Yes Indian cricket lovers are the fools to keep routing the India team and console themselves everytime they are knocked out with short deliveries and be happy whenever the team gets to beat other top teams on a dusty, dry, flat track full of runs.  I seriously wonder why I even watched this match. It is a total pain watching such matches, even if it were Bangladesh at the receiving end.  There was a time when I used to watch cricket matches, no matter whichever teams played. I used to follow county cricket. Now I follow only those matches that India plays and its painful to watch them lose like this. I would have loved to watch this match if they had taken the attack to the opposition. It would have been satisfying if they had lost the game by 2 or 3 runs, if they had scored sixes off short balls. I’m afraid that I might stop watching cricket one day. guys, Please stop playing cricket. Please save the Indian cricket lovers.


9 thoughts on “Save the Indian CRICKET LOVERS.

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  3. Faye Akins says:

    If only more than 75 people would hear this..

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  5. AlovirDiv says:

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