Loganathan is now Cresloga.

 Warning: Only those who know me very well would enjoy this post. If you are one among the lot, enjoy this post. If you are not the one, get to know me better by reading this post. 

I was wondering why I shouldn’t change my name to Cresloga. I Google’d out for “Cresloga” and found 7 out of 9 pages of search results exclusively with  my browsing history. I started looking from the 7th page . 

Last pages had links to my queries posted on JSP, DB2 and Java forums.

                       These links took me back to my 3rd year of college when we worked on IBM Great mind challenge contest. That was the first time we were challenged with the best fit contest name. We got a link from another department (dept name withheld to avoid controversies now). The link looked like throwing up a challenge to us. Imran (our dept GEEK) started looking out for a team. He pulled me, Nicky and Naureen in. In a week, we formed a team, decided on what to do and accepted the challenge. I was looking after the db and ORM of the project. We worked, struggled, made fun but never gave up and at the end- we were the only team to get through to the next round from our college. A challenge won.

Then there were pages that had links to C, Linux, GCC, Cygwin,MSYS forums.

                        These links took me back to my final year of college – The best part of my college life. We worked on our dream project – design of Complete Compliant Compiler. The zeroth review exposed the real us to the whole world. Our project was at the brink of rejection as our Head of the Department(HOD) was of the view that only saints can work on compilers. Our team was a bunch of guys who never liked the words “NO”, “Impossible”. Pessimism turned us off. We dint give up and got the same HOD say go to our project. The term CCC was coined for the three of us. We spent almost one year analyzing and 15 days coding. We spent six months discovering what is available and what is correct and what is to be done. We proposed 15 changes in the standard C compiler and we ended up completing only 3. Those were beautiful days when I used to go to college at my own time, used to spend all night working with a professor from UK (Thanks to him). For the last review that was done 15 days before the final show, We showed a 100 line C program as a compiler that was able to compile only one program. It is history now. CCC rocked and will continue to rock.

Then there were few pages with links to JSP/JSTL forums.

                       These links took me back to those 3 months after the college life when I worked for Jujubi – Thanks to our big bro (Paddu) who pulled me in to work for Jujubi. The place where I learnt web architecture and started playing with DOM and JS. The time when ajax and file upload killed me(Thanks to our big bro again, who helped me sort that out).

Then there were few pages with links to my profiles in Netlog, linkedIn, Facebook and what not social networking sites. I have logged in everywhere but I use only facebook now. Guess its only curiosity that prompts us to sign up everywhere.

The best of all is that the first 2 pages were completely with links to my blog posts.

Looking at all these I’m wondering if I’ve stopped learning technically after college. I love software design over software development, but I won’t complain if I’m asked to develop one. I love DBMS but hate writing SQL scripts. All this is crap now. I’m not bothered about them. I’m happy blogging now.

All these memories come only with Cresloga and not with Loganathan. When I search for “Loganathan” and I get G.V.Loganathan’s wiki profile. I even tried creating my own profile in wiki. But it was deleted in a matter of 3 days. Let them delete now. They themselves will write one day.

I’m happy to be Loganathan – Lord of all worlds for now.


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