It just looks like yesterday.

It just looks like yesterday when I broke the TV at home hoping to get the ball. I loved the ball or moon, whatever that appears when the DD news is aired. I broke the TV only to get that ball out. (In fact,I do not remember this incident. My mom recalls this very often. But I’m still fond of that moon/ball whatever in the DD logo)

It just looks like yesterday when my mom came to school, got permission to take me home post lunch. I went home and found my dad sleeping with his legs injured. I wanted to wake him up and play with him. Mom told me that dad had met with an accident,driving his new Rajoot (a Bullet look-alike) and he was taking rest. My mom fed me and I asked her why she brought me home as I was missing a PTE (Playing time) at school that day. (poor kid, dint realize that its PTE all the time at home). My dad stopped driving bike from that day, But I’m driving Avenger today (again, a Bullet look-alike).

It just looks like yesterday when I hit the boy sitting beside me with a pencil box as he was writing down tables quicker than I did. (This happened in my 1st grade)

It just looks like yesterday when me and my sister were playing with a small snake (my dad says it was king cobra. But I don’t remember what we were playing with) in front of our house. My dad, shocked seeing us play with a snake, Threw a stone at the snake from a distance  (It was difficult given the fact that we were sitting so close to the snake) and managed to move it. There was a quarrel at home between my dad and mom there after. (This happened in my 2nd grade)

It just looks like yesterday when 4 dogs died of electrocution in front of our house, on a rainy day, 15 minutes after my mom pulled me and my sister in when we were playing boats with the rain water in front of our house. (This happened in my 2nd grade)

It just looks like yesterday when I spent my summer vacation at my cousin’s place. We played carrom at their place. On getting back home after the vacation, I was expecting my dad to get me a carrom board (I never asked him to get me one. I still don’t understand how I expected him to get me one that day). On seeing him come home without a carrom board, I threw a tumbler on his forehead (a direct hit). Though I got a carrom board next day, It left a mark on my dad’s forehead . (This happened in my 2nd grade)

It just looks like yesterday when me and my friend agreed to score low in a 12 overs match in exchange of 2 packets of butter milk. We opened the innings, batted out all 12 overs and ended up scoring only 30. All our teammates believed that the opponents had bowled really well. We had only agreed to score low. So we gave them a tough fight, bowled hard and ended up losing the match only off the last ball of the final over.

It just looks like yesterday when my chemistry teacher asked me to meet her with my mom during the parent-teachers meet. I took my mom to my chemistry teacher and she scolded my mom for 30 minutes. She vowed that I would fail chemistry in the 10th std boards for sure. This happened in my 6th grade. She should have scolded me and not my mom. It was the reason for my scoring centum in whatever chemistry exams (mid-term, quarterly, half-yearly, annual) that I faced from my 8th grade (spent my 6th and 7th grade working hard on the subject) to 10th grade.

It just looks like yesterday when I told my biology teacher after my 12th grade biology exam that I had drawn a cross-diagram instead of a punnet’s checker board (The text-book had checker board for that answer). I saw a disappointment in her face as she told me with a tough smile that I might lose 4 marks. The whole of school was hoping for a centum from me. Before I could even see my results, the whole of my school was happy with the news of a student having scored the first ever centum in biology in the history of the school and that student was me. My biology teacher was the happiest when she wished me good luck for a MBBS seat.

It just looks like yesterday when I told my friends in college “Machi!! I like that girl” and my friends replied immediately with “Worst choice machi!!” 🙂

I remember telling our big bro (Paddu Anna) 2 years back that he was 23 and he was getting old. I’m really running out of words when I see myself running 23. OMG!! I’m getting old.


14 thoughts on “It just looks like yesterday.

  1. sharmila says:

    Awesome … the style of writing – u were really naughty n a intelligent one too …. what ll u say when u turn 50 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks sharmila. i’m glad that you liked it. would have a lot more to say at 50 🙂 😉


  2. Karthik says:

    Hey nice post ! My great deeds were flashing as I was reading :

    It Looks like yesterday : When I ignored a person jus coz he looked like a nerd, but l8r he became my besssthhhh buddy !!

  3. leena says:

    Sucha cute post, makes me think of alota things which had happened these years and of course looks like it had happened yesterday!! super 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Lee… ofcourse it looks like yesterday when I thought what the hell does this girl have in mind when she was laughing in lab on a comment at me. You know who.. 🙂


  4. Shahin says:

    One helluva post, that was!

    It just looks like yesterday when I told my friends in college “Machi!! I like that girl” and my friends replied immediately with “Worst choice machi!!” – It was the killer part 😀

    Hope to read more of you soon.

    Cheers machi 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Shahin.Welcome to my blog and you are always welcome here. I know every college going guy would like that and every guy out of college would get nostalgic about it. Good to know you liked it.


  5. Shahin says:

    Yeah, I am just one year into college.
    And do drop in at ma site.

  6. KK says:

    Hmm…Nice writing there…!

    So what are you doing now? MBBS or some IT job?! 🙂

  7. sivaranjani says:

    hey loga..nice blog…some of the things u did were hilarious..i wudn be suprised if u did them even now..’direct hit’…hehe…n btw who is the girl??

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Sivaranjani,
      Thank you lab assistant for stopping by and thanks for the comment. A small correction – It is not “who is the girl??”, it is “Who are those girls??” 😉

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