After Storm

He locked his PC (No not PC, would rather call it a machine) and retired for the day from workplace.He had to work late that day. He had a meeting to attend and issues to sort out. It required his presence at the workplace. He walked out of his office and walked up towards his car. He found the weather comforting. It was the after effect of the storm. The weather was pleasant and the cool breeze tempted him to spend sometime there. He looked at his watch and it was 11 P.M. It would take only a 20 minute drive to reach home. But he didn’t want to get back so early what with the quarrel he had with his wife that morning. When it was wind storm(call it Laila) outside,It was storm at his home as well with a quarrel between him and his wife. His workplace was so close to the coast. He started his car, decided to drive along the coastal road. He was driving along the coastal road, driving unusually without music, driving across the cool breeze from the coast. He was not driving out of his passion to drive. He was driving for peace. His thoughts were filled with memories of those beautiful days before marriage.

After Strom

Those were the days when he used to drive his bike along the same coastal road, with the same lady (His Girl friend then) on the pillion seat.Those days were full of love and fun. He didn’t have a career then. He didn’t dream anything big then. All he wanted was to win and marry his love. Now that they are married, but he has got career now and has big dreams to chase. So where is the place for his love. There is not a single percent dip in his love for his lady, but he doesn’t get time to attend her these days. He had all the time in the world to spend all his time with his lady before marriage. All these differences mattered to his lady. He was wondering how the lady of his dream has failed to understand him. This was the main reason they quarreled that morning – Lack of attention and dip in time spent together. He was driving along the road that seemed to have an endless horizon. All of a sudden, He checked his watch and the time was 12:00 midnight. He realized that it was too late and returned back. He decided to turn the radio on, on his way back home. He reached home at around 1:30 AM. He didn’t want to disturb his wife. He opened the door with the duplicate key he had. He found his wife sleeping. He kissed her forehead and lied peacefully beside her hoping that the next dawn would dawn peacefully upon them. There was a silence – after storm.

PS:  There was storm both at home and outside. There was a silence after that storm, both at home and outside . He turned back home while driving, when he realized that it was getting late. Does that mean he would choose his lady over his dream, career and turn back to her one day.

PS1: The post is completely fictional. Any match, if found in real, is a complete co-incidence.

PS2: This is my first hand on fiction. If you had read through the entire post, I would like you to post a comment on what you feel about this post. Be it a like, dislike, suggestion or a highlight, I would like to know what you think


25 thoughts on “After Storm

  1. leena says:

    Gud start loga!! nice post..wud look out for many such posts!!

  2. Hmm, fictional but attention catching
    Good work.

  3. BTW, the days together are bound to be more fun before marriage.
    It is really a test of patience and maturity to maintain good relation after marriage.

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment!! very true about the pre, post-marriage stuff. Keep visiting.

  4. my name is khan says:

    good one..

  5. Karthik says:

    Good One da!! The start made me expect a fiction like deception point 😉 but turned out to be sentimental..Good turn!! yet another Nice post !!

  6. Ad-it-i says:

    It was really awesome… a perfect ending to situation built up..!!!! People often get to know a lot of themselves their relations, their people once the storm is over…not all storms are that light.. some create havoc, but every storm ends in realisation of some sort !!!! I like sentimental posts…Good post… 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Adi,
      Thank you so much!!. I would love to convey the exact message that you have commented in a picture. But I’m very bad at scribbling you see, I better keep the picture in mind :P.

      PS: By the way, Back from the Trip without any robbery story from my part. It was 2 days adventure, 1 day relaxation, 1 day hangover trip 😉 will come back with a post on that…


      • Ad-it-i says:

        good to hear abt ur trip..!!!!
        waiting to hear on GOA… I love goa just too much..!!!

      • cresloga says:

        Trip to GOA may happen next may.. Our gang go on trip in the month of may every year.. Strange but true.. May brings us hope 😀


  7. KK says:

    Hmm….It was nice post, Loga! [I hope, I can call you that way.]

    But, I would say, it could have been better. Coz, somewhere down the line, I guess the author got lost and somehow finished it. {My perception, need not be true and to accept it]

    There are very few redundant things in the writings, for example: “Those were the days when he used to drive his bike along the same coastal road, with the same lady (His Girl friend then) on the pillion seat.” -Quoted.

    “Those days, he used to drive his bike on the same coastal road, with his lady (Girl friend then) on the pillion.” – Written Again.

    I might not be completely right here, but the sentences could have been crisp and redundancy could have been avoided. 🙂

    Hope, you take this comment in the right sense. I am also on the learning phase, wanted to help a fellow writer, not be a critic!

    You can ignore, my comment…too! 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Hey KK,
      Yeah, you can call me Loga. I prefer being called Loga to Loganathan. Thanks for your suggestion. Anyways, this being my first hand on fiction, wrote it the way it came. Hope suggestions like this help me become a blogger turned writer one day. Yeah, That is my dream – to write a bestseller. The comment is sure not there to be ignored. Thanks again!! Keep visiting.


    • cresloga says:

      I always thought that only software designers should look for redundancy in design and code. I never realized that even writers should look for it. I think, redundancy, if used effectively, can help you keep your readers glued to your story. But it may also backfire by boring the readers. I don’t know which category I fell into. Let me make it better in my next fiction 🙂 had replied your comment, just after sleep. realized that my reply is incomplete and ‘ve replied now 🙂


      • KK says:

        More than software, writing requires extra care….coz for ppl who have read many can find this very frivolous…! Not only that it makes the sentences long and repeating things again in a merry go round fashion!

        I wanted to say this now so that the next you remember what to avoid!
        Yeah, you can make it really better next time.

        Reduction in English is like – It, Athu, But Annal…What, Yenna…! 🙂

      • KK says:

        Yet again, the word is Redundancy not Reduction… in the last line! 🙂

  8. KK says:

    Sorry, little typos in my comment 🙂

  9. cresloga says:

    I do not see your comment as criticism at all. all comments are special for a blogger, as you may already know 🙂


  10. Hi Loga,
    It is a good attempt dude. The narration could have been made better by adding some more incidents . Your story would be synchronous with most people and you could have made this story more melodramatic (You could have the person involved is a software engineer). It is just my viewpoint. congrats on your first attempt dude. Hoping to read much more from you

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Raja. Let me come up with a better fiction next time.I just wanted to keep this very short, so dint add any detail to it.


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