Are you the eldest at home?

Are you the eldest at home? I’m sure you would have gone through so many processes. It is always that you are associated with wrong doings and your younger siblings with right or the vice versa. Most of you fall in the former category. Read through the post about all those processes and have fun.

  • You are expected to be mature and behave like a grown-up right from your 5th grade when your younger sibling is still immature at 20 years of age. You hear the comments from your parents that your younger one is still young and will take time to mature and you are left to think “Grrr….What the hell? did I get old at the age of 15?”. For more light on this grown-up thought, visit this post on one of my favorite blogs.
  • You learn all by yourself (You do not ask for help in the first place – as called later) and you are expected to teach your younger sibling when he/she goes through the same. You would definitely feel “What the hell? He/She must learn life. One would learn life only by experience. I will guide him/her, but not spoon feed.”
  • The parents of your about-to-join-college neighbors and relatives would always ask your suggestion on colleges to join. (What the hell? It is so long since I passed out. I’m out dated about all these. Why don’t you ask my younger sibling or my younger cousins.)
  • If both of you and your younger sibling are in the same school and if a teacher who handles one of your subjects happen to handle your sister as well and to make matters worse, if you are poorer at studies than your younger sibling, then you are left to hear comments like “Look at your handwriting and compare it with your sister’s. No wonder why she scores more. “, “Why on earth do you write like this? I require a special glass to read your paper. Why don’t you write like your sister?”. You should still manage to smile and say why on earth do you compare me with my sister. She can’t paint like I do. It becomes even more horrible when you are identified as a brother/sister of you younger sibling. (Yeah, I do agree that I was poorer at studies for most part of my school life and was always known as my sister’s brother for most part of my school life. But then I got better and reversed it all. By the time I passed out, I was Loganathan and my sister was MY SISTER)
  • When both of you receive letters from your respective colleges on the same day and your younger sibling receives both the letters and starts comparing. Your younger sibling is sure to shout on top of his/her voice – “Mom, I take off very often and I’ve still managed 90% attendance and brother goes to college everyday and have managed only 58%”. You are left with the thought – “OMG!! Why did the postman give my letter to my sister? How do I tell mom that I’ve never attended 1st two hours in my college life?” and finally end up cooking up stories with NSS, Ods.

There are a lot more. Let’s have the discussion rolling in the comments section


19 thoughts on “Are you the eldest at home?

  1. Arun Adaikkappan says:

    Log… well crafted. i believe, whoever reeads will show pity on you. but my question is, do you really deserve tht (wanna ask ur sis 😉

    very good one dude. keep rocking 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Arun!! thanks for the comment 🙂 My sis would have her own stories to tell if asked. Life is always greened on the other end 🙂


  2. Purba says:

    So true…Your younger sibling can get away with anything even murder!! And you keep getting a lifetime supply of sermons.

    Damn..I should have timed my entry into this big bad world.

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Purba,
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment 🙂 Yeah we must have timed our entry.
      >> Lifetime supply of sermons.
      ha..ha couldn’t stop smiling.


      • cresloga says:

        And Purba, You’ve given me the 100th comment on my blog. Thanks 🙂 every comment is valuable and special. 100th is one to celebrate.


  3. sivaranjani says:

    soooo true..esp d part where how they seem to be ‘SMALL’ all d time!!!

  4. leena says:

    Yeah very true loga! it was the same with me and bro..I had been caught for every small thing he had did..and people at home were so partial.. i hated my bro those days! this posts reminds me of those days.. but then as you grow up..there can be no better frens than siblings! as along as you are in sink with how they think and are! 🙂 nice post!!!

  5. Ad-it-i says:

    hey log…

    nice piece dude.. I liked this post…

    btw. a small secret out of my bag..I am not eldest in my family i have elder bro n i have totally used him till date….for all the small things n advices…

    in my school i was always known as his SISTER..!! which i erased out later in life n by the time i did my schooling he was my bro ..!!!! hehehe…

    i guess sibling rivalry n revelry are both equally important to totally cherish ur bond n live it to the fullest..!!!

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Adi,

      Yeah, as i have already mentioned in the post – all the wrong things are either associated with the elder or with the younger. hmm, You must be younger to your brother by a good number of years and would have had enough time to reverse it all at school (just a guess).

      >>i guess sibling rivalry n revelry are both equally important to totally cherish ur bond n live it to the fullest..!!!

      So true..It is rivalry all your childhood and revelry when both of you are mature enough to understand each other 🙂

      PS: Hey, I’ve added a fictional post. My first hand on a fiction 🙂


      • Ad-it-i says:

        u r bang on… my bro is good 5 yrs elder to me.. hence by the time I came to secondary he finished his 10th… 😛 n hence I had good 5 yrs to prove my mettle in school.!!!!!

        we used to fight like cats n dogs in childhood… my dad would often fail to sort things btw us n wud finally give us 2 sticks n wud say alright go ahead fight atleast i will get some money by producing street fights..!!!!! :P:P:P

        but now…that he is lives in far away land… i miss him like hell..!!!! guess as u grow up… ur bond grows up too..!!! Today we both r dying to stay with each other…but now our respective careers dont seem to make that poss….

        aaahhh… I need to make him a call now….!!! 😀

      • cresloga says:

        Wowww…. I’m good at guessing.!! Bravo Loga!!

        >>my dad would often fail to sort things btw us n wud finally give us 2 sticks n >>wud say alright go ahead fight atleast i will get some money by producing >>street fights..!!!!! 😛 :P:P
        lol.. I’m trying to visualize that 🙂 There are many more that I’ve missed here in this post..
        hmm yeah, how about a post analyzing the relationship between a bro-sis, two sisters and two brothers ?

  6. Karthik says:

    Good One..Anyways will counter this with “Are you the last in the Family ? ” Soon 😉

  7. Saranyan says:

    Thank God , nothing in the system of computers to write a blog with their own hand writing ….. if it happens your blog might have flopped ….!!!

    i am wondering that u have time to think and kindle your creativity ….. reaaly great … keep going ….!!!!

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Saran,
      lol… My handwriting never improved and I’ve stopped using paper,pen these days.
      Thanks. Keep visiting.


  8. KK says:

    Well, that’s a neat post.

    I am reminded of my sister too….We were at poles apart when we were in school, literally she was at my mercy and I used to really scare her up…as she was my responsibility and that was my time to take my revenge!

    But, yeah when we grew up we became thickest of friends even being 4 years younger to me…!

    Nice write-up, this moved me emotionally! 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks KK. Yeah the story is same with all who have got one sibling. Don’t know hot it is in family of more than 2 siblings..My sister is only 2 yrs younger to me and she has been chasing all the while.


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