HapPy BirtHDaY!!

HapPy BirThDaY

HapPy BirThDaY

June 3rd, 2008 is the date when I first happened to look at a blog hosted in wordpress.  It looked so professional that I wanted to own a blog for myself at wordpress and Cresloga’s Weblog was born. I had already blogged with blogspot before that, but was irregular and was not even on par with a novice blogger. I was blogging just for the sake of it, to fulfil my desire to blog, inspired by the writing of Gurly Tom Boy and one of my friends – aravind (he has deleted his blog now). I was adding posts hoping that these two would visit my blog and give me an encouraging comment. It didn’t work as long as I was blogging with blogspot (may be I was not at all learning then). Things changed after I migrated to wordpress. My blog guru- Aravind started appreciating my work, though Gurly Tom Boy never turned to my blog. My blog has come a long way since then.  Now, I have good number of people following my blog. My blog had suffered from drought of post in 2009 while it has been flooded with posts in 2010. I’m enjoying this phase of blogging. I’ve been quite frequent last few months, Thanks to indiblogger.com – it motivates me to keep writing. All these two years, I’ve been using this blog to cry, sob, laugh, smile, curse. I thank all my readers for bearing all my tortures, listening to my laments and still get back here whenever there was an update. Today, My blog has turned two. Happy Birthday to this special piece. Still a long way to go!!

Keep visiting,

6 thoughts on “HapPy BirtHDaY!!

  1. Arun Adaikkappan says:

    if ppl started wishing themselves, then wat else we could do? lol 😉

  2. Ad-it-i says:

    wasnt arnd when u celebrated ur blog birthday… but i would like to wish u belated happy returns of that day when ur blog was born..!!!!

    cheers and keep writing…
    name might go… laurels might go… but words shall forever stay…!!!

    well wisher,

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