A Self Discovery – while canoeing at Coorg

I had been on a Coorg, Wayanad trip last week. It was a 4 days trip. We spent first two days at Coorg and last two days at Wayanad. We stayed at jungle adventure (Lived up to its name – was adventurous) in Coorg and at Blooms (I would recommend Blooms to anyone who goes to Wayanad. Best in service) in Wayanad. Here, I’m posting about a self discovery I had during the trip.


I enjoyed canoeing at jungle adventure a lot. For a person who doesn’t know swimming, who always yells at people who play pranks while boating, who double checks with the guide about the depth of the stream before stepping into the boat, to enjoy canoeing is strange. Jungle adventure helped me discover this. The 2nd day when we woke up, we knew we were going for canoeing after breakfast. I was of the notion that I would sit calm, let the guide row the boat and have a watchful eye over my playful friends. We had breakfast, I took the blue colored life jacket that looked different from all other jackets. We took the paddles we found near the stream, posed to photos and put the paddles back at the same place.

The guide (supposed to be) helped 4 of us to step into the boat . I was wondering if the boat would stand the weight of 5 as I was expecting the guide to be on boat, though the boat had place only for 4. To my surprise, he gave two of us the paddle (I was one of the two who happily accepted the paddle), cut the rope to which the boat was tied, and asked us to row (What!! little did I know that I would be using the paddle when I was posing for photos). My heart would have skipped a beat or two. I was cursing myself for taking up one edge of the boat (could have been happily seated in the middle. The middle place, somehow would have given me a protected feel). OMG!! It was too scary to sit at the edge (remember I do not know swimming).  I somehow tried to hide all the panic and proudly asked the guide the depth of the stream (Gulp!! in I’m-the- paddler-I-should-know-the-depth tone) and his reply was “45 feet”. OMG!!  The stream was nearly 8 times my height and I do not know swimming. I cross checked if my life jacket was in good condition, ensured if it was plugged well.

I regained my senses, started rowing and in sometime I didn’t know where all my panic flew. I had forgotten about the depth of the stream. The sound of water was not panicking me anymore, rather it was a comforting sound then. It was so peaceful and I was enjoying it, I even asked my friends if we could row further. We went for trekking post lunch and I came back to canoeing with 4 others after trekking, when all others were tired trekking. I actually wanted to go alone. Wow!! Do I love canoeing? Will I enjoy it better if i learn swimming or is it the thrilling feel of not knowing swimming that made me enjoy this activity? The discovery is very late. It has come after 23 years. Better late than never!!


15 thoughts on “A Self Discovery – while canoeing at Coorg

  1. Karthik says:

    I guess it would topple easily ;P

  2. KK says:

    Some of our weird fears are done away when we are right at it. That’s why we are so evolved beings. 🙂

  3. umbrella says:

    Interesting ! mmm..the sound of water was comforting..eh? wt wd u have done if the canoe toppled…i wonder..lolzz

    Hey..u r a member of Chennai trekking club?…

    Thanks for ur visit to my blog. keep blogging.

    • cresloga says:

      lol.. I had a life jacket on.. hmmm I seriously have no answer wat I would have done had it toppled. Would have hoped my friends to have saved me 😉

      Nope!! I’m not a member of Chennai trekking club.. btw what is that? They trek here in Chennai alone or do they visit places?

      Hey Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep visiting 🙂


  4. sharmila says:

    i would always say – it would be better if u know swimming … coz no one knows when a misheap happen … n chances are pretty much high in canoeing !!

    … good u over came ur fear 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      yes you are right. But for some reason, I find it very difficult to learn swimming. I would love to swim if I learn it. How I wish there is cheat code and I would have learnt swimming and would swim.. lol


  5. iblogattimes says:

    Good that you didn’t get a chance to test the real depth of the water!!,


  6. Swetha says:

    Did you really go canoeing? That is truly awesome. I never knew that one could do that in Coorg.

    • cresloga says:

      yeah we did go canoeing. Check out the link for jungle adventure in this post.
      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.. Keep visiting..


  7. Tori Jockers says:

    Most of the times blogs are the same but i think you have a unique blog. Grats !

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