A Random Thought – Cure to all blocks

I was thinking of writing on this topic for 15 hours today. Unusually, I was finding it difficult to start the post. I opened a document to write, didn’t get a start and decided to watch a comedy show. After lunch, I opened the document to write again and again I didn’t find anything to write. I decided to play a test match on Cricket 2007. I played very patiently and played really well to win the match by one wicket. I opened the document again and didn’t find anything to start the post yet. So I checked the IndiBlogger forum, found Addy‘s ADDYction setting the forum on fire and decided to join him in his game. After replying to a few topics in the forum, I opened the document again and didn’t get any damn idea to start the post (What the hell… where did this block come from?). I, then decided to chat, browse through few blogs and by chance opened coffee day’s site. I was chatting, listening to the music played in the coffee day’s site and was trying hard to start the post.  I was thinking of one thing that serves as a cure to all blocks. A block that may be a blogger’s block, a writer’s block, a sentimental emotional block or all heart blocks for that matter.

I had almost given up writing on this topic and decided to sit down with the book that I’ve started reading from yesterday. I took “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho and resumed from the 20th page. yeah, the dentist wanted to be a singer, the singer wanted to be a politician, the politician wanted to be a writer, the writer wanted to be a farmer..How true these lines are. Yes, I never wanted to be a software engineer until June 2004. I was reading about the road to Santiago and was immediately able to connect to The Alchemist. When I was reading about the cathedral, I knew where the cure for all the blocks is. Yes, the cure to all the blocks is to travel. Well, I’m the shepherd, all of you are shepherds. For that matter, everyone is a shepherd. We shepherd our life, our career, our love. We travel in search of life, love, career and destiny. Travel clears all blocks in our mind. Travel is the key to unlock the way to the locked journey of life.

I’ve read 68 pages by then, bookmarked that page and tried writing this post. I didn’t open the document this time. I created a new post and started writing directly on my blog. I still found it difficult to start. Wait.. Wait.. What is the cure to this block. I knew the cure. I took my bike key, went on a ride. It was 11 P.M already when I started driving. I was driving along the GST road that looked serene with less traffic. The road next morning would be going mad with honks all around. I was driving with freedom. I was not thinking about the post. There was an aeroplane flying over my head, heading towards the airport to land.  It was flying only a few hundreds of feet over my head that I was able to measure its length.  I had covered 15 kilometers when I realized it was getting late. I turned back and I’m here publishing this post.

Do you agree with me on the cure to all blocks?

PS: I’m surely not trying to compare the block I had in writing this post with what the write in “The Zahir” has described. I’m not trying to call myself  a writer. It was a mere coincidence. What the writer in “The Zahir” had was a procrastination and what I had was a block. The solution to this is what I’m interested in and the cure is to travel.


4 thoughts on “A Random Thought – Cure to all blocks

  1. wow .! Your writing flows like water on glass flowy but not showy.:-) Travelling i surely a cure to many problems.. They work s good s meditation or yoga..

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Raja.. I take this as a compliment. Yes Travel is as good as meditation and yoga. Keep visiting..


  2. Rajagopal says:

    Machi ThaaruMaaru

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