Dark haunted passing cloud

Tears down the cheeks

says the eyes still misses.

The heart curses the fate,

for it broke all the wishes.

The smile on the face

says the soul still cares.

All the pains of the past,

that the soul still bears.

Where is it in the past,

that lovely wink?

Life is now a mystery,

that it only makes me blink.

Behind it all were sweet memories

of the dark, haunted past.

The memories were sweet,

but it didn’t forever last.

The heart knows it is a flashback,

but it wishes it could get back,

and live life once again.


8 thoughts on “Dark haunted passing cloud

  1. Ad-it-i says:

    why u do this cres????
    Make someone retouch the Long-gone chords of past..!!!
    I was indeed dispatched to the gone era….very very honest and superbly written..!!!
    I need time to get back.. here.. now…
    great effort.. 😀

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Aditi,
      Thanks :), I’m touched by this comment.. Your comment has made my day. It is the fading memory of a smile, the smile that influences, that made me write this 🙂 I was thrown back to past suddenly and was travelling in a super fast express to the present when I made this 🙂 btw if you find it difficult to get back to the present, do let me know.. I will send you a time machine to get back.. I’m waiting to read verne10 😀


  2. KK says:

    Paulo Coelho….effect ! 🙂

  3. leena says:

    Wow..Loga..Your really gud at this!! Its so true every line that you have written 🙂 Awesome work da..

  4. Karthik JK says:

    There are certain things that words often fall short to express…but you’ve played well on that. Am luvin it! But yes its like diggin the memories deep in heart!!

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