What Women want

There is a difference in asking what women want and what women really want? One had to be really frustrated in trying to understand what women want, that he had gone on to stress further by asking what women really want. Yes, It is easier to understand the alchemy than understanding what women really want. There is a lot of difference between the two sexes in every single aspect of life – like hinting a message, expressing themselves. These differences make men to go in never-ending search of answer to the question what women want.

When she says “I’m alright”, she would in all probability expect you to understand that she is not fine. To add more fuel to the fire, if it is a FIFA season, don’t say a word,  you will not be looking in to any reply she gives, leave alone her reply “I’m alright”.

Women would never want her age to go beyond 16 until it goes past 25. And when it does so, she would always want her age to be in 20s. Her 30th birthday has to be celebrated as 29Ath birthday. It is fair that the fairer sex wants to be young for ever 😉 :P. She would never want to reveal her age which is a  different story.

I don’t understand why women fight for 33% reservation when men are fine with giving them 50%. What women really want? The scene that I always see in buses frustrate me. The woman would have just come to the bus stop. She would not have been tired. But the moment she steps in to the  bus and finds a man sitting in a seat reserved for women, she would in all probability, go straight away, wage a war against that man. No matter how old he is and what condition he is in. The man may be as old as her son or as old as her dad. Baring a few, men are generous to give women their seat. There are even men to fight with other men who sit on a seat reserved for women and they fight until the man gives away the seat to the lady. (PS: I agree few women are very generous in letting men sit in the seats reserved for women. I bat for both the sides 😉 ) Now what women really want?

Women would always like to be the best, have the best. When they go out walking on street, they would look every other women they happen to pass by. In few seconds of crossing each other, both would have noticed what brand of jeans the other lady wears, the design of her tops, what slip-on she has, what type of hand bag she carries. I always envy their eye for observation. They can observe almost everything in no time. After the observation comes the analysis. She would start comparing them with what she has got for her own. Then she would prepare an instant wish list only to have her husband or dad or boyfriend help her have all that are in her wish list (I do not pity guys for the money they spend. In many cases, girls get them with their own hard-earned money. I pity guys for they have to go along with them to every other shop the lady happens to stop by)

When we talk about shopping, women when they see something they like, they are normally confused whether to go with it or look out for a better one. They are always in double mind when it comes to shopping (may be even more than 2). They are concerned to go with the first one they pick, what if they find something better later and they will have to repent later for picking the first one (Men keep it simple. We pick both). One the other hand, they also think about the condition where they might end up not finding a better one and losing the one in their hand too. When they set their eye on something, they are already thinking about something better. But when they choose something, they would have chosen it after considering all the negatives (That is the reason why men take women with them, to shop certain things for them, that they are not good at picking. Generally men look good on shirts that are chosen by a woman).

Did I ever answer to the question “What women want?”. Let me pen down the answer now. A woman wants another woman with better life than her. This helps her compare her stuff with that of this lady and keep improving, getting new stuff. The woman also wants another woman who is worse than her in every aspect, only to boast and be proud of. This helps her feel good all the time. She wants some topic or the other and a few like-minded women to gossip (Women can not live without gossip). On top of it all, the woman wants one man to laugh, cry, sob, love and to make the man go mad trying to figure out what she really wants. This completes the woman’s life. To be short and precise, women want to be and are happy to be women. We respect womanhood. By the way, did I answer the question. If not, I’m still thinking hard. I’m confused, lost in the search of answer to this question. Somebody please help me find an answer to this question.

PS: I’ve written this post as part of BlogAdda’s Wednesday’s contest with topic for this week being What women want. BlogAdda runs this contest in association with Pringoo, giving topics every Wednesday to blog about.

PSS: If you are a lady and if you are hurt, my apologies. I’ve seen many generous girls, ladies without the negatives I’ve mentioned here. I agree with women that men also have negatives. But men keep it simple and women find it easy to understand men, while men find it a mystery to understand women and their needs. I respect women and the mysteries that come packaged with them.

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18 thoughts on “What Women want

  1. Arun Adaikkappan says:

    Log.. ur disclaimer note at the end is too good 😉
    infact it does convey everything 🙂

  2. KK says:

    Why do you want to understand women…………..can’t it just be simple!? Eh?!

    Nice attempt though…Like Arun says, you postscript sums it all!!!!! 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      >>Why do you want to understand women?
      I think the very purpose of existence of men on this earth is to understand women.

      >>can’t it just be simple!? Eh?!
      It ain’t.. If it were simple, men wouldn’t need a lifetime to understand..

      Yeah, When I was about to finish the post, I had something to say and it summed up.


  3. Ad-it-i says:

    Ohh man u hav dared to tread along a dangerous territory…women are most difficult beings on this earth I totally agree..!!! Frankly not only men but also women cant fully understand what they really want.!!! yes we are complex.. yes we check out other girls…yes we gossip… but then we r super confused beings too…and delicate and beautiful also!!! Just think if men and women would have been exactly similar, dont you think the spice would have been missing?????

    Its something like.. you like them.. hate them.. but you cant avoid them type situation…!!! Nice attempt though…

    • cresloga says:

      >>Frankly not only men but also women cant fully understand what they really want.!!!
      Bravo!! There you are.. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to bring out in this post…

      >>ust think if men and women would have been exactly similar, dont you think the spice would have been missing?????

      I agree, The confusion and the mystery add beauty to an already beautiful species they are…


  4. shalu says:

    Very difficult an aim… ;)….very well written… 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Hey welcome to my blog.
      Didn’t get what you mean by aim 😀
      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.
      Keep visiting.


  5. ore nagaichuvai appa !! 😀

  6. She would not have been tired. But the moment she steps in to the bus and finds a man sitting in a seat reserved for women…
    How do you know she is not tired?? May be she is menstruating.

    I am a very straight shopper. No unsurity but I know many fickel minded men who can’t even pick their work clothes without drama.

    Women can not live without gossip. Are you sure?
    More men talk and spread rumors be it about a woman’s character or roits. Give women a life outside the home and hearth they’ll have better things to talk about. A large population is locked in the homes cooking, cleaning and raising kids theire only entertainment is watching soaps or fighting each other. If men want better of them then they should give them what they deserve- education and leadership positions outside the homes.


    Desi Girl

    • cresloga says:

      hey welcome to my blog.

      I’ve read your posts on what women suffer. Yeah what you say is right. But I think you didn’t get the track of my post. What I’ve tried to post is – everything that we blame women with, those things are with men as well. It is just that women are more expressive on hinting what they want than men.


  7. Bhavia says:

    I am happy,I am sad,I am hurt,I am feel good.. 🙂
    its mixed feelings..
    you just tore the woman ego completely..

    yes dude,we are complex and we love to be complex 😉

    • cresloga says:

      yeah, it is this feeling of being complex that makes women the women they are. Yes Women are complex. They are simple at being complex.. 🙂


  8. I can see you have really strived toward working out what women really want. :D. But I’d say men and women are both equally complex, but in different ways.

    If you don’t understand why we shop like crazy, we don’t understand why you follow sports fanatically on TV/stadium when you’re not even on da actual ground, kicking ball.

    If you don’t get why we talk for hours together, we don’t understand why you guys take it off for a night of pool + beer + buddies + gossip (err, unwinding? :P)

    If you get worked up over why we keep repeating things dat we’ve already told you, we get worked up over why you keep forgetting stuff dat we tell you ( dat might be da reason why we’re great repeaters. 😀 )

    Da list is endless. It’s a vicious circle. However complex we both are, we’re created to come halfway across from either side to intend a compromise. Gender wars are more interesting after dat. 😀

    • cresloga says:

      yes you are right. we do follow sports like we are mad. We watch WWE though we know it is all fake. We do gossip, but when women point that out – we call that friends get-to-gether. We forget things, we sometimes forget the b’day of the spl woman as well. but we never forget to party on friday night. Men look simpler to ourselves.. I do’nt know why.

      I even wonder why men love certain things in a girl (may be her innocence, smile), and when he has too much of it, start hating the same, but never hate cricket even after watching India lose n number of times.

      Keep visiting!!


  9. A great post, I really couldn’t help posting such a looong comment. Looking forward to reading more of your works. 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Mrudula,
      Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. glad that you liked it. Actually I’m happy to have a long comment here as that shows me there is one reader who has taken all the pain to go through my long post, think about what I’ve written and ‘ve patience to write a long comment. you are always welcome to my blog. btw, this post is old. my blog is updated with many posts after this, in case you may want to read them. Keep visiting.


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