Life rides on a cycle

If light ascends, does it mean that light is leaving and there will be darkness hereafter or does it mean that it was darkness so long and light ascends and it will be light hereafter….Similarly for darkness too…[the spiral that goes across from right bottom to top left(or is it top left to right bottom) denotes that…ascending or descending??]
It all finally depends on how you see it and hence the eye and to end it on a positive note made it the light….

My thoughts on this picture.

I saw this image few months back on facebook. The moment I saw this image, I knew it had a message. Few days later, I got the explanation, which I have put below the image. The image and its explanation kicked my thoughts and I’ve thought about it a lot.

If light ascends, does it mean that light is leaving and there will be darkness hereafter or does it mean that it was darkness so long and light ascends and it will be light hereafter.

Who better than sun can explain you this? What analysis better than analysing the exercise of sun can help you understand this? Sun rises and sets everyday. Sun rises to bring light to earth and sets taking away the light with it. When sun sets, it is darkness that prevails until sun rises again next morning. So as demonstrated by sun with its exercise, light and darkness can not stay together and none of these can stay permanently. One follows the other. Sun rises at 6 in the morning and sets at 6 in the evening (Okay. It may be 5. It is 5 or 6 in India. It may be any other time in any other different part of the world). So when clock ticks 5 or 6, light and darkness meet each other.

But does this message end with light and darkness. Light and darkness are here to teach us a lesson. Darkness represents all the struggles that we undergo. Light represents the ray of hope behind all the struggles. Light brings smile, happiness when darkness bring with it all the struggles. No wonder why people love watching sun rise and sun sets. When sun rises in your life, when there is light in your life, it means you have come over all your struggles. When sun sets in your life, when the darkness is about to engulf your life, it means you are going to struggle to get light back to your life. The image says the smiling face would have cried in the past or may cry in the future and a cry baby would have smiled and laughed in the past or may smile in near future.

There is not a single path that is full of darkness or full of light. Light is always at the end of the tunnel. One has to pass through all the struggles to get to that light. When light glows bright, be cautioned that the light may go off anytime and it may be darkness thereafter. That is why, only the falling star shines bright in the sky. When it is dark now in your life, don’t feel let down, don’t give up. It is the struggle that makes one strong. It is only after bearing all the heat, the gold turns into a jewel. When you have toiled to get light back to your life after so many days of darkness, be cautious on not letting the light glow bright – for it may go off anytime. So when you achieve success after all the struggles, don’t be complacent and laid back. Work on maintaining the happiness. Work on maintaining the success. Don’t let success go to your head.

This image definitely had a message and I got the message.  Who else can be a silent spectator, eye-witness of all these than the mother earth. The eye in the picture is the eye of the earth that has seen all and still stands by all this time. In the end, It is all how you see it. It is your life.

PS: I seem to have got the message from the image. What do you interpret from this image? Share your thoughts on the image.

PSS: The creative intelligence behind this image is definitely not from my brain.

Image courtesy : Thanks to one of the good and friendly leads I’ve ever had at workplace so far.

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2 thoughts on “Life rides on a cycle

  1. shrinath says:

    very well good thought on beautiful picture.

    My interpretation
    Whenever I see this picture, I always thought it represents a person’s inner voice.
    The person with closed eyes but its inner eye which has represented by candle light.
    We come across many things with every second of our life. There is always dilemma to to choose between things. At that point, take time, let your inner voice speaks out which represents only you and follow what your inner voice says.

    • cresloga says:

      Yeah rightly said, Sometimes are very confused and indecisive with our eyes wide open. Keep the eyes closed and listen to your heart (inner voice), you get a clarity of thought. Thanks Shrinath.. keep visiting..


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