That was my deciding point

It has been more than 10 days since I added a post in my blog, though I’ve been reading few blogs and following few topics in the IndiBlogger forum (I’ve still had at least 10 visitors to my blog everyday. Thanks to those souls who have been checking my blog all this week). Until two days back, I had been either too busy or too confused over something. Two days back, I was driving back home from office at around 3 a.m. As usual, I had let my thoughts wander and was completely lost in thought. It was a bend, when I noticed something crossing the road in front of my bike, not far away, and I was driving at around 70 Kmph.  I pressed the panic button, honked, honked twice and passed without facing “that something” physically. It took me a while to get back to normalcy and I started wondering what was that, that passed in front of me (Was it a UFO? Was it a GHOST??). It took me even more time to realize that it was my own shadow that I was honking at. I felt very embarrassed. I immediately thought if I should blog about it. Then there was a second thought – all of you would get to know how stupid I was. I laughed it away and let my thoughts wander once again.

I reached home. I was having noodles when I thought about it again. The embarrassment didn’t look like sparing me.  It was then there was a sudden warning – “It sure has got a message”. Yes, it sure has got a message. I spent about an hour thinking, co-relating the incident with what was troubling me and got the message the incident was trying to convey. I was finally able to read this signal. We never know few things about our own selves until something happens to point that out to us. We learn about ourselves all our life. This incident (or accident as you may call) has surely helped me come over the confusion that I had been living with for almost one week until then. It helped me decide. Yes, I have decided. I got to know something about my own self that day. I seem to have got the clarity in thought. I was smiling peacefully after a long time before I hit the bed that day. I hope it stays and I hope I don’t get confused again (It is very easy to confuse me. If you dare to confuse me, I warn you – I always confuse the people who try to confuse me).

PS:  I had promised a post on something in the previous post. I’ve been working on the draft. The confusion that I’ve had, has made that draft half-clear and half-confusing. I will come back on it soon.

PSS: I recently read a post of a frustrated Facebook user and left a comment on his post saying “I would not be surprised if people start liking the notifications of ‘A and B are now friends'” . To my surprise I saw one crazy guy liking the notification of ‘C and D are now friends’, where C is in my friends list.


8 thoughts on “That was my deciding point

  1. So what confuses you?? And the post did not tell what you were confused with. Just curious. For me confusion means duality of thought and existance. Just attend the duality confussion wil automatically end.

    Good Luck, keep writing…


    Desi Girl

    • cresloga says:

      Hey welcome to my blog. I don’t think this is the right time to discuss on the confusion on my blog. I believe there will come a time when I will blog about the confusion I had and the Decision I made. Keep visiting..


  2. shrinath says:

    Very well wrote loga,

    Just want to know which thought brought smile on your face..!!


  3. leena yohasini says:

    Very nice post loga 🙂 i somehow loved the message conveyed..very differently thought!!

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks Leena.. glad that you liked it. I so wanted to write about the message it carried as well. But then something stopped me and told me that there will come a time to blog about the message. For now, it is only an information that there is confusion. Keep visiting


  4. Bhavia says:

    can i confuse you by writing a very confusing comment?? 🙂
    well written..self help of course

    • cresloga says:

      Yeah you can really give it a try 😛
      I’ve already warned you in the post – I’ll make sure you are as confused as I would be, by the end of the comment roll..

      Thanks, glad that you liked it. keep visiting 🙂


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