What if not a Software Engineer

I’m one of those million Software engineers living in India, blaming myself for the decision made when I had choices. My parents never forced me into anything. But somehow or the other I never asked myself what I wanted to be when I had all the right to decide. Now I think about the choices and what I would have been, if I had not chosen engineering 6 years back.


My mom always wanted me to be a doctor. She never forced me though. Being a very good child at home, I wanted to make my mom’s dream come true and worked hard towards it. But destiny had it that I never became one. Destiny had something else for me. I would have been a doctor if I had managed to score 2 more marks in physical entrance. But it was not to be.  I would have still been crying had I been a doctor. I’m not destined to kill. I can not do something that I’m not passionate about.


I would have loved to be a forensic expert, investigating crimes. I love genetics a lot. But my parents always believed that this field can be so prosperous only in movies. So I was not allowed to pursue and I’m not destined to solve so many mysterious cases. (This is not a role of lab assistants. Lab assistants and Forensic experts are two different people. All lab assistants I have seen have always cleaned burette, pipette  and did salt analysis in chemistry lab. Lab assistants and research assistants can be the same though. These are only my views on lab assistants 😛 ). With this, India and this world have missed an excellent forensic expert forever, without even making him in fact.



I would have loved to be a psychiatrist. I love mind reading. It fascinates me a lot to read what is on others mind. I love it when people react to my actions the way I expect them to react. But then, I do not get to do this with everyone. I should get in sync with their mind. Now, I don’t see a chance of doing this anytime in this life that is presented to me.



I would have loved to be a sailor. Captain Jack Sparrow and his black pearl has always fascinated me to be a pirate. It would be so much of fun to be a pirate or a sailor. I can eat lobsters, squids, prawns all day. One fine day I would end up in a land that nobody ever knew it existed. I would hoist a flag and name the land – “Logan Island” or “Nathan Island”. I think this option is still open and I think I can still be a sailor anytime I want to be.



I would have loved to be a movie director. I would have had a genre for myself. I sometimes find great pleasure in watching movies that are directed the way I want them to be directed. I’m not sure if I’m really interested in directing movies. But it would be so nice to have one movie, an epic – movie of the generation directed by me and I would not ask myself to direct anymore than that one movie.

I would have loved to be a writer. I would have been happy writing books, publishing them, reading reviews of my work. If at all people like what I write, I would be famous and I would be all over the media.  At this moment, there is something else that easily shuts down my desire to be a writer. There will come a time when “the something” will be overcome and I will happily write and publish books.

PS: This post is basically from a bored, confused soul working in an IT industry, a soul that repents for not having considered the choices, a soul that is looking out for the choices available now.


19 thoughts on “What if not a Software Engineer

  1. wisdomblogs says:

    Sounds to me that it is not that you had no choices, but rather that you had so many to choose from that in the end you chose none.

    Hey, at least you chose to blog 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Yeah I had many choices. Just that I was not aware that I had choices to choose from. Yeah, I’m happy blogging..

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. Keep visiting..


  2. sivaranjani says:

    excuse me mr. bored confused S.E…u need to learn the difference bw a lab assistant and research assistant..n there is more to a lab than burette and pipette

    • cresloga says:

      Hey, I’ve always tried learning the meaning of lab assistant from a person who carried crocins and dolos.. (you know who 😀 ) But this is all that I could learn.. 😛


  3. chaitanya says:

    you r already a writer dude… it is just that you need to be a bit more patient until the time the writing improves so much that it is commercially saleable… till then make do of the job u hav and use the rest of time for what u want… that is the principle i am following…

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Chaitanya.. Welcome!! and thanks for the comment.
      Yeah, your principle is exactly what even I’m following. Hope I don’t have to wait long.
      Keep visiting.


  4. kk says:

    There are many other options that u did not think abt still….! Btw, when u start thinking of other options means this is signs of aging, just kidding,… enjoy wht u do … Wht u enjoy will come to you! 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      May be the other options I would get to think of, in time to come 😛 .. and hopefully there will come a time when I would pursue something that I would enjoy…


  5. Bhavia says:

    Hey i could empathize you well..though i wanted to be an astronaut,then a psychiatrist and then a writer, I ended up being another IT gal 😛

    • cresloga says:

      hey welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment!!

      I see most of the IT guys, doing it with no interest. may be everyone one out there who is spending time scrolling the mouse ball at office, has something else in mind.

      Keep visiting!!


  6. restless says:

    hi Loga! is that a post for Blogadda contest?

    • cresloga says:

      Hey restless, I didn’t write this post for any contest. Is there a contest related to this post anywhere. If so, then I would like to nominate this post. Please share the URL if there is any contest related to this post.


  7. Varsha says:

    Hah hah 3 choices pointing to a medical line of education? Good…

    And psychiatrists don’t read minds…..listening to woes is more like it.

    Good luck, in writing and publishing your book!!

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Varsha,
      Welcome to my blog!!
      If psychiatrists don’t read minds and if there is some job that deals with reading minds, then I should have been that 😀

      Thanks for your wishes on book.. Hope it happens soon..

      Keep visiting and thanks for the comment. Do read my old posts when you find time 🙂

  8. Sakhi says:


    This was indeed an interesting list. It gives a lot of insight into your characters. Loads of bloggers would have liked to be writers, for example (and really, no reason why you still shouldn’t go after that) but how many want to be psychiatrists? Sailors?

    Seems to me that you have a lot of interesting interests.


    • cresloga says:

      Yeah, As you have rightly guessed, I have a lot of other interesting interests.. Didn’t add them here as I didn’t want to make the post long and boring.. Keep Visiting..


  9. Devashish says:

    Hi Cres,

    Nice post yaar and good to know that you are also a software engineer.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Devashish,

      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment. Yes I’m one of those milliion software engineers in India.


  10. Anna says:

    Can you post more about this please if possible and let me know by emailing with subject

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