Why are weekends special

What is weekend? How is it special to me? How does the two days between Friday and Monday matter to me? I have never had weekend for months, not so long ago. So I was once used to not having weekends. How did it all change? How do I spend every weekday counting the number of days up to weekend? It all happened so soon. Still, it is all happening so soon.



Mondays are usually slow. I start the day very lethargic and somehow spend 9 hours at workplace. At the end of the day, I know that I have already spent one day of that week and it is only 4 more days in that week (heights of being positive 😉 )

I usually start Tuesdays on a positive note, with one day of that week already been spent . Tuesdays normally keep me busy at workplace, what with the pending tasks from Monday’s list. I find myself occupied with work on Tuesdays. At the end of the day, I count one more time and cheer up saying there are only 3 more days.

When I start my day on Wednesday, I would already count Wednesday out –  tomorrow is Thursday and the day after tomorrow is Friday. Again when I start my day on Thursday, I would already count it out. The day after is Friday and Weekend – the day after tomorrow. wow!! What a nice feeling. By now, I would already have something to have become the headlines of the week at workplace. I work for that, I talk about it and I find myself happy at the end of the day.

I always start Fridays on a very happy note. I would have already stepped into weekend mode even before starting the day. somehow I keep myself busy for 7 hours and wait for 2 more hours to leave home. On the way back home, I usually don’t feel like driving straight back to home. I take some random road every time I get back from work on a Friday. I love driving and love driving alone in the early morning darkness of Saturday, listening to the songs of the birds.

Now what do I do on weekends? I read books, watch movies, watch WWE, go out with friends. There are a few weekends when I do absolutely nothing. I still wonder why I need weekends? I do not have any answer. May be that is why it is WEEKEND. Happy Weekend people. What are you doing yet in front of your monitor? Go out, have fun!!



8 thoughts on “Why are weekends special

  1. Rajasekar says:

    weekends re like recharge stop.. If you don’t recharge at one point you won’t have talk time..

  2. oh my God same pinch :D!
    though I hate Sundays, esp. the evenings coz it reminds me of the coming Monday :P.

    • cresloga says:

      Same!!! But I do not hate sunday evenings though.. I’m one of those bats and owls who stay awake late night.. So hating sunday evenings doesn’t come into my picture 🙂 I hate mondays.. they are very slow..!!

      Welcome to my space and for the comment.. Keep visiting!! 🙂


  3. Sakhi says:

    Haha, I often feel this way too. On monday, I’m often wishing (especially now) that school would close because of floods or something. But on wednesdays I feel like the week is almost over, and suddenly friday arrives and I realize that weeks are just passing by like lightning.

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Sakhi!!
      Welcome to my blog and Thanks for the comment!! Yeah This is how every week has been passing and this being a sunday evening, I’m starting to feel nervous… OMG Monday again 😦 😦

      BTW, I’ve been to your blog. You seem to have a blog exclusively for book reviews.. Will drop by often..


  4. Sakhi says:

    Hey, no problem, I dropped by randomly and liked the blog a lot. 🙂 I’m glad you liked my blog – I will be keep an eye on your blog too.

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