A Battle won

She was a poor flower vendor who carried flowers to every door in her locality by her cycle. Almost everyone in her locality bought flowers from her.  She had always been very talkative, cheerful, making her presence felt wherever she went. She was happy in spite of being poor . She loved selling flowers. Nobody in the locality knew what her husband was doing. Her world of life was good until that day, the day when she heard that her husband had passed away. It all happened so soon. It all happened before she could even realize. It took days for her to think of the purpose of her very existence – her children. She was not even wealthy enough to have her children fed on time without working. She had to bring them up. She had to get back to what she did for her bread and butter. That is when the battle was waged, a battle that was waged by her heart, a battle with the weed sowed by the evil face of the society.

AngelWhen she wanted to get back to selling flowers, she started thinking about the society. This bad world doesn’t buy flowers from a widow. What would she do for bread and butter. She doesn’t know anything else other than selling flowers. She is not educated either to go out looking for job. What would she do to bring up her children. What would she do for food. How would she pay her house rent. All this thought was going through her mind. She decided to leave the flowers at every doorstep and move unnoticed and collect the money from them once in a week. Her life had changed all of a sudden. She was not talkative anymore, in fact she had stopped talking altogether. She was not cheerful anymore. Two years had passed like this. It had been two years since she smiled and one of her customers started noticing the change in her. That was when, an angel in the form of one of her customers, decided to bring her life back to her.

This angelic customer started waiting for her every day at the door. The first day she waited for her, she started a conversation on the day’s weather when she arrived. The next day she waited for her, she started a conversation on the balance due. Days passed and this angelic customer talked to her everyday. This lady liked the warmth of this angelic customer. She liked her being received. She started smiling. She started talking to people. She started calling out her angelic customer’s name even before stopping her cycle in front of her house. This lady who had lost her life not so long ago, seemed to be getting it back. This angelic customer of her had helped her get her confidence back and bring her life back. There was a battle won at one door, a battle that was waged by her heart, a battle with the weed sowed by the evil face of this society. The battle is not won completely. There will come a time when the battle will be won at all the doors and the battle will be won completely.

It is a good sign that the battle against this social evil is won at least at one door. Well begun is half ended. Let us hope for the best.

PS:The post is completely fictional. Any match, if found in real, is a complete co-incidence.

PS: Only one day after publishing this post, I noticed this. This happens to be the 50th post in my blog. It has been quite a wonderful journey. Thank you all for the support!! Keep visiting!! long way to go!!


6 thoughts on “A Battle won

  1. Aravindan says:

    Machi… Why after two years of being a changed character, only one customer was able to notice it???

  2. cresloga says:

    Unfortunately , this is the sad state of our society. We are either too busy with our own life or we do not care what is happening with others. Most of us fall in the latter category.


  3. Bhavia says:

    Nice one 🙂

    And 50th post??Great..Keep writing man..

  4. chaitanya says:

    nice post buddy…. and congratulations on your 50th post…. great going

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