Why don’t we have good DRIVERS?

Since this Independence day, I’ve been thinking of the development in our country and I seriously wonder why few things have never happened. Why is the public so careless about what is happening to the nation. On weeks of thoughts put into this, I see corruption being the main social evil. Though we see a lot of positive developments happening, we still have corruption. Corruption is so deep-rooted in our country. When in developed countries, miscreants bribe responsible people to not do something that they are supposed to do, we bribe them to do something that they are supposed to do.  I had so many questions and have tried bringing out a few here in this post. I’ve tried giving my solution to my questions.

Why isn’t a qualification mandatory for politicians?

A few fools say that, by making qualification mandatory for politicians, we may lose a few politicians like Kamaraj. Think about the reality. To not lose one or two rare politicians like Kamaraj, we have let hundreds of illiterate morons rule our country. Enough is enough. We haven’t seen a politician like Kamaraj so far. But we have already let so many corrupt frauds to rule something or the other. Why can’t we have a rule like – only the ones who have completed IAS, in addition to a degree of specialization in a specific area and have served as district collectors for a minimum period of 5 years are eligible to nominate themselves for a seat in parliamentary elections and seek a portfolio in the area of their specialization.

Why isn’t there a retirement age for politicians?

I seriously don’t understand why there is no retirement age for politicians. When you are not able to walk on your own, how do you rule the state or a nation. When all other employment sectors have a retirement age, why not politics? Now, please don’t tell me that it is not an employment sector but a service sector. I don’t see anyone serving the nation here. If that is the case, why do you give them a hike? Okay, coming back to what we have been talking here, Why is it that we don’t see any chief minister aged between 30 and 50? Why can’t we have a rule, say, a person can serve (or whatever) his/her country in politics only for a period of 15 years.  Whether you rule the country or state for these 15 years or not doesn’t matter to us. You can nominate yourself only thrice (the number is inclusive of nominations to any of the seats).

Why can’t we have performance audits every quarter?

Why is that when a new government gets a look  in, it blames the previous government of having looted all the money. Why can’t we have a performance audit every quarter to check the progress of the government. The panel that audits the government should consist of people from other states. Public should know the findings of the audit panel.

Why can’t there be transparency in letting people know how their tax money is being spent?

We pay Income tax, Property tax, Road tax, Water tax. But do we ever know how this tax money is being utilized. Are we sure that this tax money is being used for a social cause or is it going into someone’s pocket. Why can’t there be transparency in letting people know how their tax money is being spent. Why can’t we have the number of every single currency note we pay as tax registered in a system against the person who pays the money as tax and the system respond how every single currency note is being spent when the person requests for information. The system shall keep track of first hop alone.

Why can’t we have a disciplinary committee to ban them if they misbehave?

In many cases people remain dumb because they are afraid of doing what they wish to do. There are politicians who involve in atrocities  without any fear as they know nobody would dare to question them. Why can’t we have a disciplinary committee to ban them if they misbehave. The committee should be carefully chosen to not allow bribery into it.

Are the promises kept? Where is the information about the black money in swiss bank?

Every party seemed to have promised about this in their election campaign? Did they keep up this promise? If it is kept, then share the information with people. We need to know who had how much of black money. If the promise has not been kept, give us a reason in public on why it has not been kept up?

Who pays the electricity bills of conferences and party meetings?

The petrol and diesel prices seem to be raising exponentially. The new development being the raise in electricity bill for a unit beyond certain number of units. Now I need to know who pays the electricity bills for the electricity spent during political conferences, party meetings and election campaigns? Share the receipt of the bill paid.

I will never say that implementation of these solutions would make our nation corruption free. I would rather say it would reduce corruption. I would not say these solutions are analyzed in-depth and accurate. But let us take the first step – search for solutions, analyze, look for loopholes and fix even before implementing the solution. Even if  2-3 of these questions are answered, we would have stepped forward in our war against corruption. All said and done, to eradicate bribery, people should stop giving bribe than to give bribe and crib about it later.

Jai Hind




8 thoughts on “Why don’t we have good DRIVERS?

  1. Bhavia says:


    Whoa!!! Loga..
    I wish all these illiterate old morons go to God(a nice way to say GET LOST!! ).

    • cresloga says:

      Thanks for the claps Bhavia 🙂 This is what most of us feel from within. but none of us come out to save. There are a lot of loopholes in our system, even if 100 good individuals are elected, their leader could still be corrupted.


  2. Rajagopal says:

    Hi Loga,
    That was thought provoking . But as said it is not one man’s job . The nation has to wake up to make the way forward .

    • cresloga says:

      Yeah it is not one man’s job and it is not an easy job as well.. there has to be some sort of revolution or stir to steady the ship.


  3. Naveen K R says:

    Nice article Loga, Bhavia had praised about this post in a comment in my blog and even gave the link! And lemme add on, the article is worth it! 🙂

    Coming to the article, I 100% agree to your first point and a degree in Political Sciences and a PG in Law should become the minimal qualifications for any elected member and entrance to these institutions and tution fees shall be exempted for those from the backward classes, but their participation should be made sure too.

    One the second point, i can’t quite join because corruption has nothing to do with age and those who were not corrupt till the age of 60 won’t be corrupt afterwards to, and in that case their service to the nation can be a blessing as with age, they become better experienced too.

    The 3rd point, i think there’s already a system coming up to evaluate the performance. I had read in TOI about something like that and Nandan Nilekani being the head of it. Not sure though, but it was aimed at checking the performance of governments in a periodic manner.

    The rest of the points just prove a point of our mis trust of the politicians. I don’t think any of these would stop them from bribing or people offering bribes. It has to be an education and understanding and the answer to those are the educational qualifications being a must for the politicians too i guess.

    Nice article buddy. Check my blog, i have several articles that might concern you.

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces

    • cresloga says:

      Welcome to my space Naveen. Thanks Naveen. Glad that you liked my post. This post is totally to vent out my frustration with corruption in India. My 2nd point is to reduce corruption in a way that even if a corrupted politician gets into a position by some loophole, he is restricted only to 3 terms. So my total post is to reduce corruption overall and not to completely eradicate. One single rule – qualification will not eradicate corruption. there are also corrupted, educated individuals out here. So the rules together should ensure that corruption meets with a full stop at some point.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Keep visiting.


  4. shalu says:

    OMG,you are so good in doing this analysis here….very good Cres!keep up the good work…Cheers 🙂

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