how do you deal with your cancerous mind?

This is one post where I’ve decided to share a little bit about me. Last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about few things that have kept me disturbed. My mind is like a group of cancerous cells – it can come up with thousand questions in 1 hour if it does not have any other thing to focus on. So last few days have been difficult with my mind completely focussed on a problem and I allowed it to post million questions in the last few days. I’ve been out with friends on a ride yesterday. As we were only 4, we decided to take only 2 bikes (bike pooling :D) and I was a pillion rider as my friend was driving his avenger. On the way, I found the route pleasant and natural and took over my friend and made him sit behind.  It was a wonderful ride. That is when I realized that I’ve been neglecting few things I like. That is when I found out the formula to contain my cancerous mind from asking me thousands of questions. This is very essential because I need to distance myself from such situations to assess the situation and find a solution. If I allow my mind to focus on the situation, I would only end up screwing it up. So here are few ideas I discovered to keep my mind off the situation whenever it becomes hyper-active over a problem.

I can take the bike out and go on a ride. A route where the traffic is less. Routes through villages, woods and places where the nature is still existent are preferable. I should not have any destination preset in mind. I should take whatever route my instinct feels good. I should make sure I enjoy the ride. I shouldn’t even think about my problems. When I get back home, I may still start thinking about the problems at hand. But the ride would have definitely relieved me off stress.

See if Sachin is batting live. If he does, then I’m saved till he plays. It is not a joke that somebody has already said “If you are up to a mischief or crime, do it when Sachin bats. Because even the gods watch him play and your crime would go unnoticed”. I’ve added Sehwag as well to the list. If any one of these guys bat, then I can sit, watch them bat and my mind would not even dare to ask me a single question about the problem.

If I’m lazy taking up option 1 and if I don’t find Sachin or Sehwag batting either, then I can LISTEN to my favorite MUSIC. This can be unconditional as well and this is one option I can rely on anytime. I’m listening to my playlist now as I’m updating this post.

NOTE :  You were reading a letter I’ve composed to myself.


12 thoughts on “how do you deal with your cancerous mind?

  1. Leena Yohasini says:

    simple one..btw nice to read yre post after a longtimeeeeee..enum expect panraein da! yre like an awesome writer..wud look out for more from you 🙂

  2. Bhavia says:

    hey driving in a less traffic road is supeb feeling..
    Last day I was telling Snoopy how nice it would have been if we go for a drive in a straight road with no vehicles at all with trees on both sides 🙂 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Actually there are many such routes in Chennai.. But you gotta travel thru the most crowded routes to reach there… lol


  3. KK says:

    How about sharing the playlist!?

    Just kidding, nice write-up!

  4. Karthik JK says:

    Nice post Loga ! Its True, Loneliness can be the worst killer as they say “Idle mind is devil’s workshop”. So I prefer keepin myself occupied by hogging every edible stuff at home 😉

  5. aniruddh89 says:

    I would say that there is a dialogue from a hollywood movie “Fight Club” in which he says: “Stop taking control of things, Just let them GO..!!”, that’s the policy that I follow.
    Anyways,I really liked your blog, please visit my blog :

    your valuable suggestions and feedbacks are welcome..!! 🙂

    • cresloga says:

      Hey Anirudh,

      Welcome to my blog. I would completely agree with your policy. Infact that is what one should do. Trying to control emotions is actually dangerous. It may even prove fatal at some point. But this post is only to control the frustration. Getting tensed and worked up all the time is also not good for one’s health right? Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting.

  6. Romeo Das says:

    Quite an interesting post man. Enjoyed my stay here. You can write preety well 🙂

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post – When love calls

    Take care and keep writing 🙂

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