A look at the poor India

I’ve been very busy with my life that I’ve not been able to update my blog. But I’ve been visiting my dashboard very often all this while. I wanted to update my blog on 31st December writing up a review of how the last year had been. But I didn’t find time for it. Nevertheless I’m back here to take you through the poor India in 2011.

Last Friday, during our usual Friday night gossip, we somehow landed on the topic of TASMAC shops. This triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind. Government is earning a huge chunk of money out of these shops. But whose money are those? Government is announcing a lot of projects with the money earned out of such shops. But who are the customers of these shops? When we think about it, it’s the daily wagers who pour in their money for half a bottle of poison that they get from these shops. What is the salary of these daily wagers? With this inflation and raise in the prices of basic amenities, how would their families afford to satisfy their basic needs if these stupids keep depositing their salaries in TASMAC shops.  I wouldn’t care if the guys who pour in their money into these shops are the only ones to be affected. Think about their family. Why should they suffer? What mistake did they commit other than somehow getting into the family of these stupids. So here I’m with few suggestions to the government to save these families.

1. Reduce the time of functioning of these shops. So these drunkards see the closed shops for most of the time. Still there would be a few stupids who would stop working and wait at the doors of these shops.

2. Raise the price of liquor whenever there is a need to raise the price of petrol/diesel/LPG. At least a few would give up alcohol just because they couldn’t afford to buy liquor at such a high price. There would be a few stupids who would resort to cheaper liquor that may prove fatal to their lives immediately.

3. Shut down the shop between 1st and 10th of every month. Every month, this would help their families somehow get their basic needs satisfied in this time period.

The above suggestions are not intended at people who are well off and choose to spend at TASMAC shops. If their family is not affected, I’m not concerned even if it means they are taking slow poison. They have chosen to die slowly. I’m only concerned about the families where the family depends upon him and poses a sad, disappointed face every day on seeing him get back home drunk. I’m concerned about those families where the children work as labors to help their dad get some alcohol every day.

If we can not save all the families, we would at least end up saving many of them.


Color Television may/may not help. Shelter being provided is appreciated. But how sure are you that these guys would allow their families enjoy all these. They may very well sell all these for two days’ liquor expenses. Please create awareness. Poor India is drunk.

Wish you all a happy and a prosperous 2011.

Share your thoughts on this. Let us discuss more about this in comments section.




6 thoughts on “A look at the poor India

  1. Aravindan says:

    Not necessarily true. In order to help TASMAC customers, govt is giving rice for Rs.1 and all that is needed to run a family through ration shops.
    A direct outcome of this, agriculture is limping in the rural areas as there is no availability of manual labor to work on the field. Everyone sits at home watching TV and enjoying the subsidized food. The compulsory employment scheme helps even the aged who cannot walk without a support to work as laborers in govt supported projects (on paper), with a little support from the bloody supervisors who get a commission to show the govt that so and so has worked on some road construction etc. This paves way for them to sit somewhere, saying that they are working on these projects for a week, earn enough money to support for a month, use a fraction of it to get all the food items, watch TV serials and spend the rest at TASMAC.

  2. sweindigirl says:

    Well, now that the government has changed, some change ought to happen with regard to these outlets. Nicely brought out points. I was of the impression men don’t care about restriction of liquor shops. You have proved me wrong!

    • cresloga says:

      Nice to see a comment on this post!! 🙂 its been months since I updated this. Now I would say Jan Lokpal Bill would handle most of the points I’ve pointed out here.
      Keep visiting!! Hope I get back to busy blogging soon 😉

  3. sweindigirl says:

    Perhaps you’d remember me from earlier days. http://www.howzzatbyswe.blogspot.com.

    • cresloga says:

      I remember going through your blog. It’s been quite a while since I visited this space. I hope I would get back here soon.


  4. Prabhu says:

    I would really appreciate your 3 suggestion. I would also slightly agree with point 1. But not definitely not 2, it could severely backfire ! ! Increasing the price would decrease the amount that these “stupids” give their home back after they spend for their “Slow Poison”.

    On the other hand banning liquor on long term will have some effects !! ( i guess) 🙂

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