India Against Corruption!! Really?

It’s good to see a lot of people chant India Against Corruption slogan. Good, there is awareness. But, are we really fighting for it? India Against Corruption, Really? I’m a believer of the quote – “Be the change you want to see”. Are we really fighting against corruption, in that sense, have we taken the first step towards the fight against corruption? Don’t be deceived by the topic. I’m not going to talk about Anna Hazare. I’m not going to talk about Lokpal – Neither of the two versions. I’m going to talk about you and me.

When we talk about corruption, it is so deep-rooted in our country that we are forced to bribe an official to have him do even what he is supposed to do and for what he is being paid. There are two parties involved here – One who gives and one who takes. If you are one among the millions who chant India Against Corruption slogan, I believe you belong to the former category. This is the question I have for you. Have you stopped bribing? If not, stop bribing or stop chanting the slogan.

Now that millions are fighting against this Government to have a bill passed. But, who gave them that authority? Who sent them to the Parliament? Isn’t it us who elected them? If we feel that they are corrupt, Aren’t we corrupt in electing them? Or have they become corrupt all of a sudden after being elected. I have a simple presentation here for you. If you are someone who doesn’t vote because you don’t believe in any of the candidates, you are already corrupt. You are letting someone else proxy, or you are letting your voice down so that you don’t even figure in the stats. If you don’t believe in any of the candidates, vote for 49-O. Yes, you gotta sign and reveal your identity to vote for 49-O, but aren’t you proud revealing your identity in support for Anna Hazare? How many of us spend time researching the background of all the candidates before going to the poll booth?

The next category I’m going to talk about is a tricky lot. They vote someone because he/she is his/her dad/mom/uncle/aunt/cousin or some one known and close to any one of the mentioned relative.  They do so because they believe that if the one that they vote for wins the election, they would benefit  in some way or the other.  This group would easily go out and say that they elect them because they are so much in to social welfare activities. Cut the crap!! we know!! A Good governance would do all that is good for you. If you are looking for any benefit beyond that, you want the Government to be biased and you are CORRUPT. If you belong to this group, don’t embarrass India by shouting India against Corruption slogan.

I’m not writing this post against the slogan. I love my country so much that I want people to realize the real value of this slogan. That realization should start from self! I’m really happy to hear this slogan. I want a lot of meaning and value attached to it. 

Jai Hind!!




12 thoughts on “India Against Corruption!! Really?

  1. varungala US President Loganathan vaazhga

  2. agreed 100% i voted for 49o for two reasons this time… 1. I truly believed that no person was apt enough for t post… 2. I wanted to encourage my friends that 49o is practically possible…

    • cresloga says:

      This is exactly what I want from public. Reforms should start from home. Change ourselves, then educate people at home, educate friends and spread the revolution this way!!


  3. sema da!! super post and alota things to think about and bring in the “real” change! 🙂

  4. swetha says:

    How true! People support Anna’s campaign blindly when they have the ability to do much more than that. Mere shouting and smses won’t have any major impact other than bad media reports on the UPA govt. good post!

    • cresloga says:

      exactly!! we really don’t care about letting down the UPA govt. The concern here is, do we really know about ourselves first? And does these people who are supporting Anna know exactly what they are fighting for? Is it for corrupt free India. If yes, then it should start from one self.

  5. Venice says:


    That’s a good way to make people, who are blindly following this movement, realize that they too are responsible for this vicious circle of corruption.

    • cresloga says:

      And in a way, I think that, if people who blindly support Anna clean themselves up before marching against Corruption, Corruption would stay away. Otherwise, its only a matter of time this agitation calms down.


  6. Bhavia says:

    Whats up these days?not seeing any posts from you 🙂

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