When I finally pedalled all by myself

I’ve not been blogging regularly these days. I don’t know why and I’m not going to give lame excuses here. Its not that I’d suddenly run out of thoughts, nor that I’d been extremely busy. Yesterday while driving back home, I was super frustrated with people changing lanes. I decided to slow down so that I could wander around. As I was driving, I was thinking of my childhood days. Suddenly my memory presented me with an image of my learning cycling. That image set me up to post this. Those were beautiful days of summer vacation. I pestered my dad to buy me a cycle and even won a cycle, but I didn’t know to pedal the cycle. For the first few days, when my cousins used to pedal their cycles, I used to run along with them with my cycle. For a week and a half, my cousins helped me learn. I wasn’t learning because it was always running at the back of my mind to watch whether they are really backing up or if they’d already left. You can not blame me because that is how I saw them learn. The person backing from behind would keep saying that they are backing up, but would have already left to test. So I was afraid. One evening, my aunt was backing up as my cousins were pedalling. I was so confident that she would be strong to back up and was excited to pedal to the speed of my cousins. It was surprising when one of my cousins crossed me and shouted with joy that I was pedalling on my own. I fell down in few minutes is another matter. My aunt told me that she never backed up and I started on my own. That evening, when I went home, I was so happy that I was cycling for a few minutes. If not for those few minutes, I would have changed my home a clinic with the wounds I had with the fall. The next morning when my cousins called me up for cycling, I was still doubtful whether to pedal or run along with them. By the end of that summer vacation, I’d already had a beautiful experience of cycling around the streets with my cousins 🙂  Sometimes I’m jealous of myself that I had the best of childhood days 🙂 I miss those beautiful days – my childhood days.


2 thoughts on “When I finally pedalled all by myself

  1. Anupama says:

    Happy Childhood memories!!

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