Mr. Bajaj, For your Information and Attention.

It has been 3 years and 2 months since I bought an all new Avenger, a 200 CC Indian Cruiser. I always wanted to own a cruiser and I did not expect my cruiser bike to give me a high mileage. I’m a happy owner of an INDIAN CRUISER bike. In these 3 years and 2 months, not even once did I give my bike to a local mechanic. I’ve always taken my bike to the approved service dealer of Avenger – Jai Bajaj. All that I expect from your service is professionalism. I don’t think I’m making a mistake expecting your technicians to be professionally qualified than the local mechanics. But do your technicians keep your customers happy? – NO. A BIG NO is the answer.

On a Thursday Morning at 7:45 A.M, I took my bike to Jai Bajaj Service center which is 8 KM away from home (Jai Bajaj opens at 8 A.M and takes in only as many bikes as they can service on a day). My bike was given token# 1 and my bike was attended at 8:15 A.M. I registered my complaints which I’m stating below –

  1. Horn is not working.
  2. Chain needs serviced.
  3. Speedometer is not working.
  4. Battery looks low in charge.

The supervisor who attended took down all that I said and he added a few more in addition. I was told that I can take back my bike by 4 in the evening. I left to office knowing for sure that my bike would not be ready on the same day (This is how much I trust your technicians. They can not get the job done within the time they claim they can). I waited for a call the next morning, but I didn’t get any. So I decided to take public transport to office that day as well. At around 11:30 in the morning, I received a call from Jai Bajaj informing me that my bike was serviced and ready. They also informed me the bill amount – that was Rs 1,395. I answered that I had already reached office and I can take back my bike only the following day.

At 10:30 A.M on Saturday, I went to Jai Bajaj service center hoping that they would have fixed the horn for sure (Again, I did not expect your technicians to have solved all the issues. But I thought that they would at least have the sense to fix the horn as I prioritized it). I was asked to pay the bill, which I did. And then I was shown my bike with one of your technicians cleaning it only then. I was asked to test drive for a distance. The first thing I checked was the HORN. Not to my surprise, but adding to my frustration, the horn was NOT WORKING yet. In addition to that, the self start was also messed up. When your technicians are done servicing a bike, what do they do? They start the bike, accelerate and honk. Mine is a 200 CC Avenger that doesn’t have a kicker. When a self start is messed up with horn not working, why the hell did I receive a call with the message that my bike is serviced? Not that I did not ask, I did ask the supervisor who took notes of my complaints. His reply was – “The mechanic who worked your bike is on leave today”. What sort of answer is this? Didn’t I pay the bill? Didn’t your guys get paid for the work they do? I was asked to leave my bike for two more days. I was super frustrated and I asked them to replace the battery at least so that the self start works. I took my bike home.

At around 12:30 P.M on Tuesday, I received a call from Jai Bajaj to get my feedback on the service done on the bike. I told them I was 0% satisfied. All that I heard as a reply was – “Thank you for sharing the feedback sir”.

When I crib about what did not work, I should also say what worked. Yes the speedometer started working. The bike was also cleaned. Thanks for that. But speedometer wasn’t a priority. A Local mechanic would have cleaned my bike. I expected much more from Jai Bajaj. I feel cheated and I’m disappointed.

If this is how your guys are gonna service your customers. I don’t know how long it would take before you see a huge fall.  I don’t want this to happen to an Indian company. I’m not saying this because your service did not meet my expectation. But I’ve not heard from one happy customer of Jai Bajaj service center in these 3 years. It is high time Jai Bajaj service center starts to keep their customers happy.

Thank you,

A proud owner of Avenger 200, An Indian Cruiser,

A Very unhappy customer of Jai Bajaj Service Center,



2 thoughts on “Mr. Bajaj, For your Information and Attention.

  1. Threaten them that you’ll file a complaint in consumer court. They ll speed it up next time

    • cresloga says:

      That is an option. But I’m concerned that unless threatened, our attitude to work has changed a lot. A lot of the working force have got into the “Chalte yaar” attitude

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