A Visit to a College Campus

The month of August has started well for me. Or rather, that is how I feel. On 31st of July, I got an email seeking nominations to visit colleges to address the students, representing the organization I work for. In hindsight I wanted to nominate myself, but I was looking for a company. Fortunately one of my teammates also wanted to nominate.  So both of us nominated our names. We were asked to visit a college at Kodambakkam on Thursday, 2nd of August. We were at college early in the morning. The placement officer at the college received us, arranged for the session. I felt really happy to be in a college campus, a place where one spends the best part of his/her life. It reminded me of my college days. The session went for around 1 hr 15 minutes. It was so satisfying to see a lot of enthusiastic faces listening to what we had for them. I ended the session with a short story. It was a satisfying experience to be completing your one and half hour session with a lot of smiling faces still glued to what you had to say. That day, I had a question for myself – Is this something that would keep me happy if I continue?


4 thoughts on “A Visit to a College Campus

  1. Awesome Buddy, It would really be a good experience. But I was wondering what u had spoken ?

  2. Prabhu says:

    ofcourse..Yes! And you know that for yourself cos this had made you to post in your blog which i guess is after a year long time..

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