Happy Father’s Day

You could be seeing a few lines from one of my old posts. But, this post needs those lines..


It just looks like yesterday when my mom came to school, got permission to take me home post lunch. I went home and found my dad sleeping with his legs injured. I wanted to wake him up and play with him. Mom told me that dad had met with an accident driving his new Rajoot (a Bullet look-alike) and he was taking rest. I asked my mom why she brought me home as I was missing a PTE (Playing time) at school that day and dad was not up to playing with me. (Poor kid, didn’t realize that it was PTE all the time at home). My dad stopped driving bike from that day, I’m driving Avenger today (again, a Bullet look-alike).

It just looks like yesterday when me and my sister were playing with a small snake (my dad says it was king cobra. But I don’t remember what we were playing with. All I remember now is a small tube) in front of our house. My dad, shocked seeing us play with a snake, threw a stone at the snake from a good distance (It was difficult given the fact that we were sitting close to the snake) and managed to move it. There was a quarrel at home between my dad and mom after this incident. This happened in my 2nd grade.

It just looks like yesterday when I spent my summer vacation at my cousin’s place. We played carrom at their place. On getting back home after the vacation, I was expecting my dad to get me a carrom board. I never asked him to get me one. I still don’t understand how I expected him to get me one that day, without having asked for one. On seeing him come home without a carrom board, I threw a tumbler at his forehead (a direct hit). Though I got a carrom board the next day, I think I did leave a mark (on my dad’s forehead). This happened in my 2nd grade.

I’m 26 today. A lot of other sweet and bitter memories exist. I can go on and on. There is one bitter part that keeps disturbing me.

I don’t remember since when I started arguing with my dad. But all I remember from our conversations over the last 8-10 years are full of arguments. When there is a discussion at home with me and dad in it, my mom and sister would be in for good entertainment. All said and done- every argument won or lost – we stand in support of each other.

All this reminds me of a scene from a Tamil movie “Aaranya Gaandam”, where the hero asks the little kid – “Do you like your dad so much?”, with the little kid replying – “Nothing of that sort. But he is my DAD!!”

I know why I was clapping in theatre for this dialogue. I was able to relate to the kid. Yes, we could have fought over every silly thing; we might keep fighting for every other silly thing. But he is my DAD. Here is to you – wishing you enough – Happy Father’s day!!


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