Mr. Bajaj, For your Information and Attention.

It has been 3 years and 2 months since I bought an all new Avenger, a 200 CC Indian Cruiser. I always wanted to own a cruiser and I did not expect my cruiser bike to give me a high mileage. I’m a happy owner of an INDIAN CRUISER bike. In these 3 years and 2 months, not even once did I give my bike to a local mechanic. I’ve always taken my bike to the approved service dealer of Avenger – Jai Bajaj. All that I expect from your service is professionalism. I don’t think I’m making a mistake expecting your technicians to be professionally qualified than the local mechanics. But do your technicians keep your customers happy? – NO. A BIG NO is the answer.

On a Thursday Morning at 7:45 A.M, I took my bike to Jai Bajaj Service center which is 8 KM away from home (Jai Bajaj opens at 8 A.M and takes in only as many bikes as they can service on a day). My bike was given token# 1 and my bike was attended at 8:15 A.M. I registered my complaints which I’m stating below –

  1. Horn is not working.
  2. Chain needs serviced.
  3. Speedometer is not working.
  4. Battery looks low in charge.

The supervisor who attended took down all that I said and he added a few more in addition. I was told that I can take back my bike by 4 in the evening. I left to office knowing for sure that my bike would not be ready on the same day (This is how much I trust your technicians. They can not get the job done within the time they claim they can). I waited for a call the next morning, but I didn’t get any. So I decided to take public transport to office that day as well. At around 11:30 in the morning, I received a call from Jai Bajaj informing me that my bike was serviced and ready. They also informed me the bill amount – that was Rs 1,395. I answered that I had already reached office and I can take back my bike only the following day.

At 10:30 A.M on Saturday, I went to Jai Bajaj service center hoping that they would have fixed the horn for sure (Again, I did not expect your technicians to have solved all the issues. But I thought that they would at least have the sense to fix the horn as I prioritized it). I was asked to pay the bill, which I did. And then I was shown my bike with one of your technicians cleaning it only then. I was asked to test drive for a distance. The first thing I checked was the HORN. Not to my surprise, but adding to my frustration, the horn was NOT WORKING yet. In addition to that, the self start was also messed up. When your technicians are done servicing a bike, what do they do? They start the bike, accelerate and honk. Mine is a 200 CC Avenger that doesn’t have a kicker. When a self start is messed up with horn not working, why the hell did I receive a call with the message that my bike is serviced? Not that I did not ask, I did ask the supervisor who took notes of my complaints. His reply was – “The mechanic who worked your bike is on leave today”. What sort of answer is this? Didn’t I pay the bill? Didn’t your guys get paid for the work they do? I was asked to leave my bike for two more days. I was super frustrated and I asked them to replace the battery at least so that the self start works. I took my bike home.

At around 12:30 P.M on Tuesday, I received a call from Jai Bajaj to get my feedback on the service done on the bike. I told them I was 0% satisfied. All that I heard as a reply was – “Thank you for sharing the feedback sir”.

When I crib about what did not work, I should also say what worked. Yes the speedometer started working. The bike was also cleaned. Thanks for that. But speedometer wasn’t a priority. A Local mechanic would have cleaned my bike. I expected much more from Jai Bajaj. I feel cheated and I’m disappointed.

If this is how your guys are gonna service your customers. I don’t know how long it would take before you see a huge fall.  I don’t want this to happen to an Indian company. I’m not saying this because your service did not meet my expectation. But I’ve not heard from one happy customer of Jai Bajaj service center in these 3 years. It is high time Jai Bajaj service center starts to keep their customers happy.

Thank you,

A proud owner of Avenger 200, An Indian Cruiser,

A Very unhappy customer of Jai Bajaj Service Center,



Did I embarrass or embrace frustration?

If you’ve been following my blog for over an year, you would have noticed that I had been blogging very frequently during 2010-11 and very rarely during 2011-12. All these while, I’ve put myself through lot of frustrating times. While I chose to blog frequently during 2010-11 to vent out my frustration (many of my posts during that time would indeed prove that I was frustrated), I’d deliberately chose not to blog during 2011-12 so that I screw my head and come up with solutions to the reasons for my frustration. But without even my knowledge, I’d spent 2011-12 in few of my other favorite activities (Read cricket, New challenges) but blogging. I’ve been thinking for last few weeks to get to the reason for my poor attendance over here. While the reason was satisfying, more analysis only revealed that the purpose did not materialize. I’d only found other ways to vent out my frustration. I’d only found other ways to keep myself away from bugging my head with problems. Moral of the story : Never burden yourself with problems and issues. If you are challenged, it is only because you are capable of handling it and you will find ways to handle it. Pestering yourself with issues will not help solve them. I’m happy that I’ve been blessed to balance naturally. Thank god and I pray for more patience in future. I think I’ve embarrassed frustration. What do you think?

Is it green all the way?

No.. no.. no.. I’m not gonna bore you with social, environmental issues, ozone, carbon emission and blah blah blah. This is about the number of traffic signals I cleared on my 25 KM long drive to office today. I started from home as I would on any other day. I cleared 5 traffic signals on my way without the red light stopping me. I realized that I hadn’t stopped at any of the signals thus far when I cleared the sixth signal. 5 out of 10 times, I would have got stuck with a red light at this particular signal. With 3 more signals to reach office, I was wondering if it would be green all the way. On any other day, I would have already been stuck at 2-3 signals before even reaching the seventh signal. I cleared the seventh signal as well. 7 out of 10 times, I would have got stuck there.  But today, It was not to be. That moment, I decided I would add a post if I managed to clear all the signals today. The eighth signal near Perungudi Lifeline hospital was the real obstacle. I don’t remember crossing this signal that easily. Any other day, I would have stopped at this signal without even looking at the signal. But today, I prayed for green and it was granted. I thought the day was mine. I was then thinking of how I would name the post and what I would be posting. The office was only a minute away. I had almost made it and then, there it was; the color of the blood; the color in status reports that always mean problem; the red. I did not make it. It wasn’t green all the way. Yes, it wasn’t green all the way. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t update this in my blog. Because, this is my blog space 🙂

When I finally pedalled all by myself

I’ve not been blogging regularly these days. I don’t know why and I’m not going to give lame excuses here. Its not that I’d suddenly run out of thoughts, nor that I’d been extremely busy. Yesterday while driving back home, I was super frustrated with people changing lanes. I decided to slow down so that I could wander around. As I was driving, I was thinking of my childhood days. Suddenly my memory presented me with an image of my learning cycling. That image set me up to post this. Those were beautiful days of summer vacation. I pestered my dad to buy me a cycle and even won a cycle, but I didn’t know to pedal the cycle. For the first few days, when my cousins used to pedal their cycles, I used to run along with them with my cycle. For a week and a half, my cousins helped me learn. I wasn’t learning because it was always running at the back of my mind to watch whether they are really backing up or if they’d already left. You can not blame me because that is how I saw them learn. The person backing from behind would keep saying that they are backing up, but would have already left to test. So I was afraid. One evening, my aunt was backing up as my cousins were pedalling. I was so confident that she would be strong to back up and was excited to pedal to the speed of my cousins. It was surprising when one of my cousins crossed me and shouted with joy that I was pedalling on my own. I fell down in few minutes is another matter. My aunt told me that she never backed up and I started on my own. That evening, when I went home, I was so happy that I was cycling for a few minutes. If not for those few minutes, I would have changed my home a clinic with the wounds I had with the fall. The next morning when my cousins called me up for cycling, I was still doubtful whether to pedal or run along with them. By the end of that summer vacation, I’d already had a beautiful experience of cycling around the streets with my cousins 🙂  Sometimes I’m jealous of myself that I had the best of childhood days 🙂 I miss those beautiful days – my childhood days.

India Against Corruption!! Really?

It’s good to see a lot of people chant India Against Corruption slogan. Good, there is awareness. But, are we really fighting for it? India Against Corruption, Really? I’m a believer of the quote – “Be the change you want to see”. Are we really fighting against corruption, in that sense, have we taken the first step towards the fight against corruption? Don’t be deceived by the topic. I’m not going to talk about Anna Hazare. I’m not going to talk about Lokpal – Neither of the two versions. I’m going to talk about you and me.

When we talk about corruption, it is so deep-rooted in our country that we are forced to bribe an official to have him do even what he is supposed to do and for what he is being paid. There are two parties involved here – One who gives and one who takes. If you are one among the millions who chant India Against Corruption slogan, I believe you belong to the former category. This is the question I have for you. Have you stopped bribing? If not, stop bribing or stop chanting the slogan.

Now that millions are fighting against this Government to have a bill passed. But, who gave them that authority? Who sent them to the Parliament? Isn’t it us who elected them? If we feel that they are corrupt, Aren’t we corrupt in electing them? Or have they become corrupt all of a sudden after being elected. I have a simple presentation here for you. If you are someone who doesn’t vote because you don’t believe in any of the candidates, you are already corrupt. You are letting someone else proxy, or you are letting your voice down so that you don’t even figure in the stats. If you don’t believe in any of the candidates, vote for 49-O. Yes, you gotta sign and reveal your identity to vote for 49-O, but aren’t you proud revealing your identity in support for Anna Hazare? How many of us spend time researching the background of all the candidates before going to the poll booth?

The next category I’m going to talk about is a tricky lot. They vote someone because he/she is his/her dad/mom/uncle/aunt/cousin or some one known and close to any one of the mentioned relative.  They do so because they believe that if the one that they vote for wins the election, they would benefit  in some way or the other.  This group would easily go out and say that they elect them because they are so much in to social welfare activities. Cut the crap!! we know!! A Good governance would do all that is good for you. If you are looking for any benefit beyond that, you want the Government to be biased and you are CORRUPT. If you belong to this group, don’t embarrass India by shouting India against Corruption slogan.

I’m not writing this post against the slogan. I love my country so much that I want people to realize the real value of this slogan. That realization should start from self! I’m really happy to hear this slogan. I want a lot of meaning and value attached to it. 

Jai Hind!!



So near, yet so far

We had team lunch at Restaurant Kumarakom, Velachery, Chennai last monday. I reached the restaurant at around 12:45, parked my bike outside the restaurant and was about to call one of my colleagues when I was interrupted by a kid. The kid was carrying a handful of sketch books and was pleading me to buy one. I disconnected the call and told the kid that I have nothing to do with these books and asked her to look for someone else who would buy the books. The next few words she spoke were shocking. She said – “Bro, you need not buy any of these books. Please buy me some food. I’m starving”. Those were not easy words to digest.  I got back to my senses with my mobile phone ringing. I answered the call from my colleague, looking out for the kid who was talking to me just a few minutes ago. I found the kid having already crossed the road and pleading people on the other side of the road. There was plenty of food available just a few meters away as the restaurant was nearby. Someone had hidden all this food from her eyesight. So near, yet so far.

The other day I saw a kid getting down from a yellow ferrari at the American institute situated on the same road. It feels so good to see a ferrari in Chennai. But what did this kid do that the other kid did not. How life looks so different for two kids on the same road. The road was the same, but were they heading in the same direction? Poverty at this tender age is so hard to live with.

A look at the poor India

I’ve been very busy with my life that I’ve not been able to update my blog. But I’ve been visiting my dashboard very often all this while. I wanted to update my blog on 31st December writing up a review of how the last year had been. But I didn’t find time for it. Nevertheless I’m back here to take you through the poor India in 2011.

Last Friday, during our usual Friday night gossip, we somehow landed on the topic of TASMAC shops. This triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind. Government is earning a huge chunk of money out of these shops. But whose money are those? Government is announcing a lot of projects with the money earned out of such shops. But who are the customers of these shops? When we think about it, it’s the daily wagers who pour in their money for half a bottle of poison that they get from these shops. What is the salary of these daily wagers? With this inflation and raise in the prices of basic amenities, how would their families afford to satisfy their basic needs if these stupids keep depositing their salaries in TASMAC shops.  I wouldn’t care if the guys who pour in their money into these shops are the only ones to be affected. Think about their family. Why should they suffer? What mistake did they commit other than somehow getting into the family of these stupids. So here I’m with few suggestions to the government to save these families.

1. Reduce the time of functioning of these shops. So these drunkards see the closed shops for most of the time. Still there would be a few stupids who would stop working and wait at the doors of these shops.

2. Raise the price of liquor whenever there is a need to raise the price of petrol/diesel/LPG. At least a few would give up alcohol just because they couldn’t afford to buy liquor at such a high price. There would be a few stupids who would resort to cheaper liquor that may prove fatal to their lives immediately.

3. Shut down the shop between 1st and 10th of every month. Every month, this would help their families somehow get their basic needs satisfied in this time period.

The above suggestions are not intended at people who are well off and choose to spend at TASMAC shops. If their family is not affected, I’m not concerned even if it means they are taking slow poison. They have chosen to die slowly. I’m only concerned about the families where the family depends upon him and poses a sad, disappointed face every day on seeing him get back home drunk. I’m concerned about those families where the children work as labors to help their dad get some alcohol every day.

If we can not save all the families, we would at least end up saving many of them.


Color Television may/may not help. Shelter being provided is appreciated. But how sure are you that these guys would allow their families enjoy all these. They may very well sell all these for two days’ liquor expenses. Please create awareness. Poor India is drunk.

Wish you all a happy and a prosperous 2011.

Share your thoughts on this. Let us discuss more about this in comments section.